Poaching an egg to perfection is easier than you think. They can be poached and then saved in the fridge for up to 3 hours ahead of time, and then reheated in the water for 30 seconds. You can do so much with an egg for a meal, and although fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets are great ways to cook with eggs, a poached egg is just such a simple way to eat it, and much less fat involved!

If you try to poach eggs, and end up with a lot of scooped up egg whites on toast, then try it this way.

Things You Will Need

All you need is a good sized skillet or fry pan with sides, water, slotted spoon, spatula, and some large eggs.

Step 1

1. Fill your fry pan with 2 inches of water.

2. Bring it to a gentle boil, where bubbles are just beginning to break the surface, but not quite, this is the perfect temperature for poached eggs, you don't want a lot of movement in the water that will break up the eggs, so you will get used to the temperature you need to use, I use the medium heat setting.

3. Once the water is just about to boil, take your egg and crack it into a small bowl first, don't just crack it open into the water, then gently slide it into the water in your pan, without breaking the yolk.

4. Don't touch it, this is where most people run into problems. My own dad used to create a "whirlpool" for the eggs to supposedly stay together while the water was boiling hard, which usually ended up with most of the egg breaking up into pieces and cooking in the water, and pretty messy! He would then strain the eggs, and pile this up on toast.. totally unappetizing! usually overcooked and tasted like rubber!. But he loved them this way!

5. After about 3 minutes, take a spatula, and gently take the egg off the bottom of the pan, (it will tend to sit on the bottom of the pan while cooking) then take a slotted spoon and take the egg out of the water. Gently lay the slotted spoon on a towel to absorb excess water, then place your egg on your plate or toast. You have now poached the perfect egg

Eggs are a natural perfect food. They are great to eat, when you just don't know what to eat, and give you control over fat content and salt. They are a quick meal, and are full of good nutrients. There are many ways to use poached eggs, and my favorite, is to spread light cream cheese on whole grain toast, and then place the poached eggs on top. This is great for breakfast or lunch.

You can also use them in salads. After poaching your eggs, you can cover them and refrigerate them for 3 hours or so, and then use them in salads cold, or reheat them for 30 seconds in your skillet of water. You can dress them up a bit, and serve them on toast with smoked salmon, for a special treat. There are lots of ways to dress up a poached egg. You can poach eggs to perfection.

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