Most people think they know how to pop zits, I mean how hard can it be? Unfortunately, the method that most of us use leads to acne scars, infection, and more acne! How can something so simple cause so much damage? Read on to find out.

The traditional method of popping zits is to use your fingers to push down on the skin and get underneath the pimple to push its contents out. A secondary method, for the more mechanically inclined, is to grab something sharp and poke a hole in the tip of the whitehead to allow everything to spill out. While both of these methods are effective, they are certainly risky.

Always remember that zit popping is not an acne treatment. It's something that you use as a last resort to get rid of zits when they come. A full on acne treatment is usually needed to take care of acne at their source, rather than pop zits on the surface. Treatment products, like the Acne Free system, work great when paired with a healthy diet and drinking tons of water.

How To Pop Zits

Every time you're in a restroom at a restaurant there's a sign by the sink that says something to the effect of "employees must wash hands before returning to work." Do you know why that is? Well, I'm sure you know why that is, but think about that reason and how it applies to popping zits. It's not just other people's hands that can make you sick, your own can do the same thing. The most basic premise of zit popping is sanitation. Do you wash your hands before popping a zit? You probably are next time!

To keep your face from becoming infected, you'll need to wash your face and hands (in that order) before beginning. If you plan on using any sort of tool or instrument to aide in the popping of zits, be sure to sterilize them with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. After the zit pops it must be cleaned with an astringent cleanser like hydrogen peroxide. Don't just clean the pimple, clean the area around it as well. When you pop a zit you send all of the crap that came out of it all over your face. This mixture of bacteria and sebum will end up in the rest of your pores and make more acne. If this sounds like a nasty cycle of acne, it certainly is!

As for the technique, keep in mind that the tissue beneath the surface of your skin is extremely delicate (no matter how tough you think you are!). When this tissue becomes damaged it has a hard time regenerating itself, which leaves is very susceptible to acne scars. Acne scars are a harsh reminder of how bad your skin used to be and very expensive to treat, so be careful! In order to reduce the damage to the tissue, you'll have to push sideways at the base of the zit instead of digging deep like you're probably used to. What this means is that you'll have to wait much longer for the pimple to develop to pop it with your fingers.

After reading all of this, you're probably thinking that this is all a pain in the butt and way too much work to go through just to pop a zit. You can think anything you want, but you'll have to deal with infection and acne scars later. If you really want to get rid of zits, treat them at the source rather than wasting your time popping them!