How To Practice The Guitar

Playing The Guitar

You bought a guitar and now want to learn to play? The guitar is a pretty easy instrument to learn, but there are a few tricks that will help you become an excellent guitar player. This article is going to cover a few ideas to help to think about when you are practicing the guitar.

Give It Time

Learning to play the guitar is easy, but it still takes time. Don't be disappointed if you don't sound like your favorite guitarist after a couple months. To really master the instrument can take years. Give yourself permission to start as a beginner.

I remember after three lessons one of my guitar students made a sad face and said she felt like such a beginner. She WAS a beginner. Sometimes is hard when you start playing as an adult because you want to sound as good as other adults who have already been playing for years. Be patient with yourself.

Start Slow

It's a very good idea to start with scales or exercise patterns at a very slow tempo. It's good to warm up your fingers before diving into songs. Plus it's really good to even practice sections of whatever song you are working on at a very slow tempo first.

I studied with a famous concert guitarist and he told me that he always played his solos PERFECTLY and a very slow tempo first. Even songs he knew very well, he played practiced them flawlessly at a slow tempo.


At whatever tempo you play, try to keep your fingers relaxed. One way you can accomplish is by purposely relaxing your shoulders and face. If you relax your shoulders and relax your face, your fingers will follow.

Years ago I used to practice four hours a day, but then had to stop because my hands were tired. After studying with some concert guitar players I learned to play with a very relaxed technique. As a professional guitarist, there were many times that I played 10 hours in a day.

It was a nice surprise to realize that I had no hand fatigue at all. Learning to play with a relaxed technique made all the difference.

Good luck in your guitar playing endeavors!