One of the most satisfying ways to stop and let go in Meditation is to do Walking Meditation. No one can better quote on the art of Walking Meditation better than Thich Nhat Hahn, "Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet".

The art of Walking Meditation can be done at any time on this earth, anywhere your heart desires. The best place to try it would be in a Labyrinth. The slowing down of your body, feeling every step that you take, feeling each and every joint in your body touch the surface of the earth is exhilarating. It takes a passion for slowing down, as well as a yearning to be one with the planet. As you enter the Labyrinth you will notice the circle pattern where you will slowly pace yourself to unwind all the problems that have you weighed down. As you walk ever so slowly, breathing in and out, your mind will slow and embrace the pattern and soon you will be blissfully and mindfully aware that you are encouraging all of your senses to embrace Walking Meditation. As you slow your walking rhythm down, follow each carefully planted footstep. You will find that you can focus on each step and in tune your mind will follow. At first this will not feel graceful, as we are programmed to walk at a fast pace through life, not even being aware of each breath we take or the beauty that surrounds us. Focusing on your breathing, lifting your leg up, bending at the knee and placing a foot down on the earth, slowly planting the sole of your foot, and then onto the next step. Visualize your feet “kissing the earth” with each step, and as you bring your foot up a beautiful flower is blooming underneath your sole. As you begin to unfold your inner self into a timeless pace of nothingness, your mind will release all that it has been storing, deep emotional thoughts will arise in your whole being and you can release them with each breath. Thoughts will embrace you, and as they do, release them into the air, allowing them to be whisked away on the seemingly endless breeze, slowly going off into the sunset.

Your hands may be hanging to your sides, folded in front or gently entwined around the small of your back guiding you along your way. Let go of all the inner most thoughts that you are grasping, and the lighter your thoughts, the lighter your steps will become.

Embracing walking meditation takes practice, and becomes a total enhancement of your own well being. It helps with balance, embracing your inner self and allowing us to become one with the area we share walking. Walking meditation can be done inside or out, depending on the weather. Walking mediation can be most enjoyed if you can get to a beach. The sand beneath your feet, the sea air breathing into your lungs becomes a total cleanse of mind, body and soul. The only thing you will need for walking meditation is your beautiful body and a gentle, quiet place to walk.