Get Your House Clean and Ready for the Holidays

Home Party Prep Checklist

Maybe you haven't really thought about it yet, but it's time to consider that Christmas is approaching quickly. If you are planning a party with co-workers or family (or even if you're not!) chances are that people will visit your home over the course of the holiday season. If you are like me, this is a major source of stress...

I have created a checklist that I use every time I am expecting guests and need to clean and prepare my home for visitors.  While it is nice to have a couple of weeks notice in order to get it done, I have burned through it in as little as 4 days. Maybe you already have most of it done. Great! That means you can add your own ideas to the list. Should you find that you have some extras items that simply cannot go undone, please share them!

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Here are my top tips to getting a clean, party-ready home (in no particular order);

  • Dust the baseboards (people notice other people's dirt even when you don't).
  • Clean the bathrooms spotless (tubs, tiles, toilets).
  • Touch up the paint (walls, doors and hallways take a beating).
  • Clear the clutter (aim to have every surface clear from 'stuff').
  • Vacuum the dust bunnies from under the bed, bookcases and couches.
  • Replace burnt-out light bulbs.
  • Clean (or self-clean) the oven (many heads will be poking in there!).
  • Wipe the crud from inside the fridge (take a hard look at the shelves, bottom and sides).
  • Wash the mirrors and windows with vinegar and water to get them shiny.
  • Stash the junk from the entrance, coffee table and kitchen drawers.
  • Store your off-season coats to make extra room for guests to hang theirs.
  • Do your laundry (always assume someone will want the grand tour of your house)
  • Sweep the front step.
  • Clear the cobwebs from around the light fixtures and ceiling.
  • Make the kids clean their rooms (Maybe the most challenging task).
  • Put up the trim and crown molding that is sitting around but never got put up (do not lay blame for this but focus on simply getting it done).
  • Hang the artwork you've collected.
  • Enjoy your clean, clutter-free, refreshed home!

Tackle this list, stroking off maybe one or two each day, leading up to the time your guests are due to arrive. You will probably find that your stress level has decreased even as you decide to follow this checklist plan. You will have your home organized and ready for your party guests.