With the summer fast approaching many families are planning summer road trips that involve a lot of driving. Before you set out on your road trip here are a few things to keep in mind to make the journey a pleasant one.

Stay in Touch

It’s a good idea to get a cell phone of you plan to travel any distance on your road trip. If you don’t currently have one go and purchase a cheap, basic phone for the trip. If you are stuck somewhere  you’ll be able  to call for help and not have to walk.  Another device you might want to purchase is a GPS device to for your route. Note that these devices can sometimes give you wrong results so you’ll want to have standard maps too but the GPS can help you get to your destination with fewer headaches along the way. If you own a smart phone, you can find directions right on your phone and even find local areas to eat at and stay the night in. While a cell phone or GPS isn’t mandatory for your trip, these devices can help you in emergencies and having one is an asset. You can use Google to plan your driving route before you go or just use a regular map.


Water and Food

While you’ll most likely be stopping along the way to eat, it’s a good idea to have emergency water and food in your vehicle. Plan to have at least a two-liter bottle of water for each person in the car. During the summer months, you don’t want to dehydrate in the heat while you’re waiting for someone to help you. Food should consist of energy bars or mixed nuts since these items give you great energy without spoiling on you. Keep these items in the trunk and consume them after the trip if you never use them. The whole idea is to have those emergency extras in case you run into problems. By far water is the one thing you want to have in the heat, don’t travel without extra in your vehicle.


First Aid

You never know what can happen on a long trip. Keep at least a minimal first-aid kit in the car. Blankets, pain medication, bandages and other small items you would find in a normal first-aid kit are ideal. You probably won’t use them but it’s good to be prepared before the big trip. Be sure to take extra medication for those family members that need it in case you are stuck somewhere for an extended period. It might be difficult to get your medications from the places you are staying. Being prepared is better than the consequences.



Don't Leave Your Vehicle

Never abandon your vehicle in search of help unless it’s necessary. You’ll stand a better chance of rescue by staying in one spot together. Bad weather can roll in quickly and if you’re stuck out in the open, you’ll run into problems. Your vehicle provides you some shelter from the elements. Out in the open you find yourself disoriented and go in the wrong direction so stay where you are.



Enjoy Your Road Trip

Enjoy the trip but take precautions before you leave. Make sure you have proper communication such as a cell phone with you and maps for directions. Have food and water in your car with water being more important especially during the summer months. Have some basic first aid in your vehicle and never leave your vehicle unless you absolutely must.