A Safe Alternative To Toxic Herbicides?

"We are rightly appalled by the genetic effects of radiation; how then, can we be indifferent to the same effect in chemicals we disseminate widely in our environment?" - Rachel Carson

Weeds are a menace to every gardener and even to everyone who owns a lawn of any sort, but harmful chemicals and toxic herbicides are not the answer. Instead, you can make your own natural organic herbicide at home with a little good old acetic acid, or what I like to call vinegar!11!

Things You Will Need

A Spray Bottle

Step 1

First you will want to prepare your vinegar solution to make your all natural weed killer. To do this you will need to mix vinegar and water, using two parts vinegar to every one part water. For really stubborn weeds, and I mean really stubborn, you might opt to just use straight vinegar solution. Now pour this into your spray bottle.

Step 2

Next, head outside and spray your weeds! Be careful though, vinegar may be an all natural herbicide that is safe for animals and people, but when it comes to plants it holds no prisoners. Ensure that you don't spray any vinegar on your grass, as it is nonspecific and will kill any plants it comes in contact with.

Thus, you'll want to get up close to the weeds when you're spraying to ensure that you do not miss.
There you have it, a recipe for a safe all natural herbicide made of vinegar. However, if for some reason the vinegar is not effective enough, or if you cannot be bothered with preparing your own solution, you can purchase other organic herbicides online.

These safe weed killers are typically made of citrus oils, which are nontoxic, but effective.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure not to spray the vinegar solution on your grass, or important plants!