Camping can be a fun family weekend, living in the woods for a few days. It's a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing get away. You are away from the hustle and bustle of regular life. There are no crowds or traffic. There is also no one to immediately rely on in the case of an emergency. Before you leave for your next camping trip be prepared for an emergency.

Things You Will Need

When camping be sure to have an all weather blanket. This type of blanket will keep you protected from wet and cold.

Battery powered radio and extra batteries. In case of an emergency or extreme weather, you will be able to listen for instructions.

Flashlight with extra batteries.

Compass. In case you get lost, a compass will help to point you back in the direction you came from. Make sure everyone on your camping trip has one and knows how to use it. A GPS is even better.

Cotton balls soaked in Vaseline to start a fire. These are a great fire starter. Carry them in a small tin or zippered plastic bag.

Damp proof matches. These matches can be lit even if they get wet.

Rescue whistle just in case anyone gets lost or you need emergency help. Blow the whistle so help can find you.

Water purification tablets in case you run out of fresh clean water.

Medicine and first aid kit should contain all necessary prescription medications, gauze, tape, bandages, acetominophen, benadryl and scissors etc. Many kits are availbale pre-made.

No one wants to think about anyone getting hurt or sick, but you need to think of the what if's. You don't want to be caught in a bad situation and have no supplies to get out safe and healthy.

Tips & Warnings

Never leave children unattended for even a minute while camping