Golf Ball 1Every golfer has experienced that "first time" on a golf course. Just like a first date some golfers get so nervous that they cannot enjoy the experience let alone the golf game itself. They become frustrated and lose golf balls and even break golf clubs. Below are a few tips to help you relax and prepare for that first date with a course that is new to you.

Things You Will Need

Golf clubs, Golf balls, Proper golf attire, tees, golf gloves

Step 1

New Golf Course

The first step is to go online and review the course. Many courses provide descriptions of each hole as well as other necessary information such as clothing requirements, printable scorecards and other course facts.

Step 2

Computer directions

Go to Mapquest or another similar site to print off driving directions and estimated driving times to make sure you know the best way to get to the course and how long it will take to get there. You don't want to be late for your first tee time on the course.

Step 3

Phone ahead

Call the pro shop and verify your tee time and their recommendation for time to arrive beforehand.

Step 4

Golf Equipment

The night before make sure that all of your equipment and attire are ready and in good condition so that you will be prepared to tackle the course without any last minute problems which can ruin the experience. Most of all, be relaxed and have fun. You are not the first person to play the course for the first time and you won't be the last. Enjoy yourself and the experience of playing somewhere new.

Follow the tips above to help you relax and prepare for that first date with a course that is new to you and enjoy not only the golf game but the overall experience as well.

Tips & Warnings