How do you prevent bed bugs from attacking your home? You can stop bed bugs from infiltrating your home. It's scary to think that bed bugs could be having YOU for breakfast in bed instead of you enjoying breakfast in bed.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are little insects of around a quarter of an inch in size. They have 6 legs, look flat and are wingless. They can differ in color - most are a shiny red/brown color but they can appear darker and fatter especially after they have been feeding on your blood. You can also get lighter color ones.

Bed bugs differ from dust mites as dust mites tend to live off dead skin wherease bed bugs tend to feed on your live flesh and blood! Humans shed approximately 28 grams of skin per week so there is plenty of food for a dust mite to feed on. You can see bed bugs with the human eye though they are great at hiding, especially during the day so it's quite tough to spot them. Dust mites are only 0.016 of an inch in size and so can't be viewed with the naked eye - nearly 100,000 dust mites can live in a mere square meter of a mattress. Dust mites are a creamy bluish color and have rectangular-shaped bodies.

Back to bed bugs and how to prevent bed bugs from taking over your house. Although they are called bed bugs, they might appear in places other than your bed. Bed bugs can be found in wood, especially in cracks, in your bed frame, behind wallpaper, in your sofa, cushions and throws, behind light shades and even in clock radios. Basically if you have wood and fabric around, especially those with little darks nooks and crannies to hide in - the bed bugs will find a way to thrive.

Preventing bed bugs

You might think prevent bed bugs from attacking your house is all about maintaining good house hygiene. Unfortunately it's not as simple as vacumming your house and keeping it dust free. Bed bugs are hitchhikers - they get a ride from clothing, bedding, furniture, suitcases and similar. So you can easily bring bed bugs into your house by taking a trip abroad and having a bed bug embed themselves into a wooden souvenir you have brought or even your suitcase. I also know of two households who have caught bed bugs from having a Rainbow vacuum cleaner demonstration take place in their house - you can imagine how this can happen - the Rainbow vacuum cleaner salesperson has traveled from bedroom to bedroom, turning over mattresses and such like. Chemical bed bug treatments may have some effectiveness, but it's not 100 percent effective and it only takes one bed bug for the infestation to begin again. To get rid of bed bugs - wash all your linen, cushion covers etc in hot water or freeze it at minus 5 degrees centigrade for at least five days. You can also closely inspect your bed frames, mattress and other wooden/fabric items and try scrapping the embedded eggs from the surface. There are sticky tape or gluey boards designed to trap bed bugs and mites as well. Buy Bed Bug Proof Zippered Bedding that contain a polyurethane film to prevent bed bugs from getting into the fabric.

Bugs love humidity. Dust mites and bed bugs can increase 17 fold in just 6 weeks. So keep your place dry with dehumidifiers or dehumidifying sachets and other products.