Tips on how to prevent fleas and keep your home from going through a flea infestation is a common need for many pet owners. This can be especially true if they have already suffered from a flea invasion or know a friend or relative that has gone through this type of nightmare.

Flea problems if left untreated or not treated in a timely manner can balloon into a much bigger issue. For example, did you know that a single female flea is capable of laying thousands of eggs during her lifetime complicating successful eradication of fleas once they infest your home.

Unfortunately if these digusting insects are given the opportunity to multiply and spread throughout your hom eyour only recourse may be to hire a professional pest control exterminator which can become quite costly. For that reason and many others it is important that you quickly get a handle on any fleas that you may encounter before they can rapidly spread throughout your property.

It is a common fact that fleas along with ticks are quite fond of dogs and cats using them to feed on and transport themselves around a house. However, even if you don't own a pet your home may still be ripe for an infestation This can happen because fleas normally like to hide in tall grassy areas patiently waiting for a person or pet to walk by so tat they can attach themselves to the unwary person or animal.

If you do happen to have a cat or dog that becomes infected with fleas they can usually be treated several different ways. Two of the most popular flea treatments for pets include Frontline and Advantage Formula. Typically these methods will kill most fleas within 24 hours, if not faster. No matter what pet treatment you use always take the time to make sure that the product is safe for your pet.

Unfortunately, when it comes to completely removing fleas from your home or house it becomes a bit more difficult. In fact, if you don't remove flea eggs before they hatch you migth find yourself with an even larger pest control problem then you initially thought.

There are sevral different varities of sprays and flea traps that can be used to eliminate your insect problem and prevent it from happening again. One very simple home remedy is to just get into the habit of vacuuming daily. This common household chore has been proven to prevent infestations from taking place but it must be perfomed daily even if you don't have carpet in your house. You must include all hardwood floors and all bedding and upholstery.

Because the standard flea season runs from April until September many homeowners and pet owners start thier preventive measures around the same time frame. Of course, warmer climates such as in California, make for a slightly longer infestation time period and should be handled accordingly.

Fleas are not just an annoyance to people. They can pose some very serious health risks to any pets you may have and proper treatment is key to preventing your dog or cat from developing any serious health issues.

Don't let your house become a victim to a flea attack!

Learn how to prevent fleas now so that you can avoid becoming another flea invasion statistic.