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Preventing computer set damage

Finding out how to prevent hard disc drive failure and damage should be priority on anyone’s list and is as important as buying antivirus software. The reason is because today we spend a lot of time on our computers and store more information than ever.

For example instead of buying music CDs we tend to download these and keep the on the computer, the same goes for photographs instead of sending them off for a set to be developed we keep them digitally on our personal computers. All this information is kept on a hard drive this means that if anything goes wrong with this device you could potentially lose all your information.

You can of course send your drive off to be fixed and the data recovered but this can be very costly and in a lot of cases not all of it can be recovered. So it is important to think about prevention rather than recovery.

Tips on how to prevent hard disk drive failure and damage

1) Firstly it is important that you always backup your data first, any event of anything going wrong this means that you will be covered fully and will not lose everything. This can also relieve a lot of stress that you would potentially have to go through and also can save you a lot of time.

2) The next thing you should do is store all your files correctly and clean out any bad ones. This will limit the amount of corrupt data that is stored in your hard drive therefore reducing the risk of any errors.

3) Always shut down your computer properly by closing all of your programs down and going through the correct shut down procedure. Do not just hit the off button or kill the power as this can lead to a corrupted hard drive and data being lost. If you are going away from your computer for a short amount of time then you can leave it on as it is better than constantly turning the computer on and off.

4) Bringing your laptop or computer in from the cold into a warm room is something that can corrupt the hard drive if the computer is turned on immediately. You should give it at least 20 minutes to 40 minutes depending on how cold it is outside.

5) Self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T) is something that is found in all new hard drives and allows a user to monitor any errors that may be occurring. This is probably not something for the novice computer user so you may want to ask the advice of an expert before doing this.

This is some advice on how to prevent hard disk drive failure and damage, it is important that it is on your list of priorities when protecting your computer. There are many packages for backing up data and these can either be done on external hard drives or one of the many companies that offer online hard disc space.