A fear on the mind of anyone who owns or rents a home is home robbery. Also known as home burglary or home invasion. Here are some common sense steps that you can take to prevent home robbery.

Things You Will Need

-Some spare money
-Home to protect

Step 1

First, do not leave windows open unlocked at night. Even if it is warm outside, it is better to turn on a fan or the AC rather than keep windows open. A common method of entry in home robberies is to come through the window. Burglars even come in through the window in the same room you are sleeping in. Also, it goes without saying that you always need to lock your doors at night.

Step 2

Next, do not ever post the fact that you are going on a trip/vacation on a social networking site such as Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace. Similarly, do not put this type of information in any type of away message such as AIM or Gmail Chat. You never know who has access/visibility to these accounts and can use this information against you.

Step 3

Another important step to take to prevent a home robbery is to ask a neighbor or friend to tend to your home while you are away. Ask them to do things such as:

-Take any mail/packages away
-Plow your driveway if it snows, or at least leave tire tracks and footprints.
-Rotate the lights that are on in the house.

All of these tactics are designed to make the home look as though it is being used.

Step 4

Always make sure that you leave exterior lights on. A dark home is basically an invitation for a robber looking for a target.

Step 5

Always, always, always replace the locks when you move into a different home or apartment. Do not trust the landlords, the past residents, and whoever they may have given keys to.
These are all easy steps you can take to protect your home from a burglar. Of course there are also a variety of security systems you can purchase. These range from relatively inexpensive systems that you can install yourself to expensive wireless systems connected to a 24/7 security company.

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