Laptop theft is a fairly common occurrence. Your personal details ranging from harmless photographs of you and your family, to the most sensitive information like bank account specifics, can be obtained when your laptop is stolen. There are tried and tested ways to prevent your laptop from getting stolen when you are traveling

Make sure to have your laptop details and accompanying software listed.
As soon as you open your laptop for the first time, make sure you obtain its serial number. This you will need to have your laptop registered with the manufacturer. And when installing software applications, make sure you only use the licensed ones. This way, your laptop's manufacturer and the software design company have a way of tracking your stolen laptop's physical location in case it is used to log on to the Internet.

Etch your name and address onto your laptop.
Engraving your name, address, and contact number on the laptop is important. Not only is it a deterrent, but also helps in case it gets lost. Typically, security or police officers do not boot up a laptop just to find out the details of its rightful owner.

Practice periodic backing up of data.
If you bring your laptop everywhere with you, then the need for backing up of data is even more important. Make sure all important and sensitive data are stored away on a separate hard drive. This way, you need not have to worry lugging around a laptop that's full of information that can be used against you when the machine gets stolen.

Opt to store data in a flash drive.
If possible, store all needed information on a flash drive so you can empty your laptop of all data before you bring it with you on a travel.

Install a security software on your laptop.
Security software applications enable tracking of your laptop's location. Some applications even allow remotely recovering data stored on a stolen laptop.

Opt to use a non-descript bag to store your laptop in.
Keep a low profile and do not call attention to yourself by carrying extravagant-looking items during trips. The same goes for laptop bags. Always use a non-descript but sturdy bag to keep your laptop in when on the road.

Mobile computing machines such as laptops have become an integral part of our daily lives. In fact, the data stored in them are oftentimes more important than the machine itself. This is why it is crucial to always be vigilant and carry out ways to protect them at all times.