Oily skin can be horrific. You know the feeling; your face is so oily you feel self concious. You have nose shine and constantly need to wipe off the excess oil. Enough is enough. If you want to know how to prevent oily skin and get rid of an oily t-zone there are a few things you need to remember.

 Causes of oily skin on face

The causes of oily skin are natural oils which stop it from getting too dry. For those of us who have oily skin ,an excess amount is released.  The result; a shiny face and problem skin. It is not uncommon for people with oily skin to develop acne and blackheads. For those reasons it is best to prevent it from developing in the first place.T here are plenty of treatments available for you to try, from facial scrubs to oily skin supplements. See what works for you.

 How to treat Oily Skin:

 Oily skin cleansing can help you prevent further oil from developing. It will clean off the oil and (depending on ingrediants) dry out your skin preventing further oil from occuring. There are plenty of commercial skincare products that you can use. Alternatively you can use a few common household items to do this on the cheap.

 Lemon juice

Lemon Juice is acidic. It is known to dry skin and can work wonders on oily skin. Apply a few drops of Lemon juice to a piece of cotton and wipe over your face. Once dry, your skin should feel less oily. It will even make your skin smell great too. If you find that it is too harsh for your skin then try adding some water to the lemon juice.

 Best skin care products for oily skin:

 Clay face masks

 These are popular with suffers of oily skin and acne because they work well. Clay face masks are applied all over the problem skin. After a few minutes the clay will dry out and change colour. The change of color will indicate that it is time to wash off. It will leave your skin feeling oil free and toned. The effects will last hours so it is a good idea to use one in the morning to enable you to prevent oily skin throughout the day. Ready made Clay face mask packs can be purchased from most beauty and health retailers. They are generally quite cheap and range from $1.99 to $11.99. The expensive brands cost more but the cheaper products work just as good. If you would prefer to make your own clay masks it is also easy to do. You would need some clay combined with a few tablespoons of distilled water.

 Facial wash skincare products:

 There are many facial wash products available. Popular brands include clean and clear, Clearisil, Proactiv and many more.

 Proactiv Oil control product range

 Proactiv have multiple products designed to help you have healthly skin that does not shine. They are a trusted supplier of skincare products targeted at problem skin and boast at having over 15 million previous customers and glowing reviews. All of their products have a 60 day money back guarantee.

 The proactiv solution cleansing bar can be used as a replacement to regular soap. It will remove excess facial oil and unclog pores. Within time this would stop acne breakouts from increasing and reduce the level of oily skin on your face.

 Facial oil wipes

 Instead of using a facial wash or clay mask you could use facial oil wipes. Everytime you feel the need to wipe off oil, instead of using tissue or your hand, use facial wipes/absorbant sheets instead. They are designed to blot the oil from the skin and are a great way to mange your skin when you are out and about.

 Prevent Blackheads and Acne/pimples

 Reducing the amount of facial oil at any given time can prevent blackheads and pimples. Blackheads appear when the pores become blocked. Once you have tackled your skin problem and learned to manage it, you may start to see less blackheads.

 Makeup for oily skin  

 A lot of makeup can be oily. They feel quite heavy on the skin and make your face even more oily. That is why makeup for oily skin is increasingly popular. Instead of oil based foundations, eyeshadows and other products there are now oil skin friendly alternatives to try. Switching to oily skin makeup will prevent acne and blackheads.

 Whatever you decide to try will ultimately be a good decision. All of these methods are proven to work. Try a few and see what works best on your skin. For the best results regular use is required. Unfortunately, once you have treated the problem area, the results will not be permanant. Our skin will create more natural oils so eventually your skin will become oily again. In order to effectively prevent oily skin you will need to make it part of your daily skincare routine.