How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Most people suffering from pimples/acne, especially in their faces, tend to ask the question of how to get rid of the pimples quite a lot, if not always.

Despite the many stories and myths surrounding the formation, cure and treatment of pimples, this article will show you the exact cause of pimples and how easy it is to treat and prevent acne from forming on your face.

First, let us take a look at what brings about pimples.

How to prevent pimples
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What Causes Pimples/Acne: How Are Pimples Formed?

Like I mentioned earlier, there are many theories and stories concerning the formation of pimples on ones face/ skin but the real cause of pimples is quite simple.

What happens is that, inside each hair follicle, there exists a small gland (sebaceous gland) which secretes an oily substance, sebum, which is responsible for lubricating the skin so as to prevent it from excessive dryness and cracking and also carrying dead skin to the skin surface.

Now what usually happens at times is that excessive amounts of sebum are produced and together with dead skin cells end up clogging the glands.

This mixture of dead cells and sebum produce a very conducive environment for the growth and development of bacteria more specifically propionibacterium acnes.

With the growth and development of bacteria in the sebaceous glands, the body’s natural reaction is the formation of an inflammation which appears as skin eruptions/ pimples.

How pimples are formed
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Why Are Pimples So Common In Teenagers?

Since we understand how pimples are formed, it will be much easier to understand why pimples are so common in teenagers.

For starters, contrary to popular belief that pimples are brought about by an unclean or dirty face, which may be true to some extent but not entirely true, as it has been proven that over cleansing your face can lead to irritation of the skin which will bring about the formation of pimples.

When it comes to teenagers, hormones are usually the main culprit. Naturally, both male and female teenagers produce large amounts of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone.

The presence of these hormones in one’s body leads to a spike in the production of sebum and together with dead skin, sebum ends up clogging the sebaceous glands, and that’s how teenagers end up being more susceptible to pimples and acne.

How to treat acne
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How To Get Rid Of Pimples In Easy Steps

Getting rid of pimples is not as hard as you may have imagined. I understand the fact that some of us have in fact tried different methods that seem to either not work or just work partially.

Below are simple to follow steps towards a pimple free face.

Preventing acne
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How To Treat Acne

  • Have Enough Rest

Making sure that you have enough sleep will reduce chances of you being stressed up.

Stress leads to hormonal changes as we saw above, hormones play a huge part in the formation of acne and pimples.

Normally, having at least eight hours of sleep at night and a couple of breaks during the day to distress should do the trick.

  • Make Sure You’re Hands Are Clean Before You Touch Your Face

By thoroughly cleaning your face before you touch your face will ensure that you transfer as little bacteria as possible to your face.

  • Wash Your Face With Warm Water And Mildly Medicated Soap Thoroughly Yet Carefully

While washing your face with warm water, take note that the water should not be scorching hot, avoid using a face towel to scrub you face as this will only lead to the spreading of bacteria from part of your face to the other.

Instead, use your hands and gently wash your face for about thirty seconds and not any longer as this would ensure that you don’t irritate your skin.

  • Dry Your Skin With A Clean Towel

When I talk about drying, I mean patting your skin dry and not wiping. Like I mentioned above, wiping your face with a towel may lead to the transfer of bacteria from one area of your face to the other. Always pat your face dry.

How To Clear Acne Using Natural Products

Clear Acne Naturally

  • Apply Appropriate Medication To Your Face

So you have tried all sorts of medication for acne and pimples but they don’t seem to work right? Well, what is usually recommended by most if not all dermatologists is salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or mandelic acid.

Salicylic acid topical cream works best on all sorts of pimples and acne spots, while pimples that are beneath the skin are sensitive or uncomfortable to the touch can be easily treated with benzoyl peroxide.

Mandelic acid on the other hand has bacterial fighting properties capable of killing the bacteria that are responsible for causing pimples and acne.

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Don't Let Pimples Get You Down
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  • Now Apply A Facial Moisturizer

After the appropriate topical cream has dried out, you can now apply your oil and fragrance free facial moisturizer.

It is important while selecting an appropriate facial moisturizer to ensure that it has been tested and it is allergy free.

Finding a facial moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen is an added advantage.

At the same time, if you may so wish, you may conceal the acne or pimple with a concealer that is medicated.

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How To Prevent Pimples: Methods Of Keeping Pimples At Bay

There are a number of ways that you can use to prevent pimples from occurring and recurring on your face, apart from having enough sleep and avoiding stressful situations, here are ways on how to prevent pimples.

Make Sure You Keep Your Hair Clean

When oil and dirt from your hair gets into contact with your skin, the oil and dirt from your hair may cause acne on your face. Several tactics can be used to prevent this from ever happening, these include:-

  • Avoiding direct contact between your hair and face while you are asleep,
  • If you wear caps and hats, make sure you wash them regularly,
  • Use cotton pillow cases that you change on a regular basis so as to prevent the buildup of oil and dirt on them. Cotton pillow cases are easy to wash, keep your hair clean by shampooing it regularly.

Stick To A Regular Skin Care Program

If you followed the various ways of getting rid of pimples that we already discussed, you should be able to find a method that works best for you.

When it comes to preventing pimples however, that is not all that is required of you, having a regular skin care program or routine that you follow keenly, in the morning and evening especially, can prevent acne from occurring.

  • In the morning hours

You should wash your ways following the methods that I showed you and

  • In the evening

Make sure you remove all makeup from your face that is if you use any, and clean your face with a recommended facial cleanser. The key here is to get your face accustomed to a routine.

When To Visit A Dermatologist

The secret of successfully fighting acne is to never give up, pimples and acne may seem to appear out of nowhere overnight but they can become really hard to go away.

In case you followed all advice that I have given you and your pimples or acne still don’t seem to subside or go away, then it is time to see a qualified dermatologist.

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