As the years go by statistics show us that heart disease is by far one of the most prominent and destructive conditions that we as human's face. Heart disease can be caused by genetic defects or environmental factors but by far and away the leading cause of heart disease is plaque in arteries due to poor dietary choices. Often these poor food choices lead to obesity and hypertension which further acerbate the problem.

To combat this condition we all have to do a better job learning to recognize the warning signs of clogged arteries and learn how to prevent plaque in arteries from ever building up. The concepts that allow us to do this are not complicated however most people tend to overlook the importance of eating a better diet and end up suffering through the symptoms of clogged arteries anyway.

How To Prevent Plaque In Arteries

Preventing plaque in arteries from forming is actually fairly simple although it is tough for many people to actually do. To stop plaque in arteries from forming you have to minimize three things. You have to lower insulin resistance, decrease blood pressure, and decrease over all blood cholesterol levels.

For the most part plaques build up on the walls of your arteries because of each of these. When high levels of cholesterol circulate through the blood they find crevices and spots on the arterial walls to accumulate. These spots allow excess cholesterol to deposit on the wall and slowly build up of over time. If you can lower your levels of cholesterol there will be less excess cholesterol available to deposit on the walls of your arteries causing blockages.

High blood pressure also contributes to the process by causing more damage to the interior lining of the wall than is normal. When the wall is damaged by blood pressure or stress this results in there being more pockets available for excess cholesterol to collect in. By lowering blood pressure levels you can effectively lower the odds that your excess cholesterol will form arterial blockages. Make sure to visit your doctor often to monitor this. Alternatively you can keep an eye on your blood pressure levels using a blood pressure machine found in many grocery stores or even learn to check it using a classic stethoscope.

A third significant way to reduce plaque in arteries is to improve your levels of insulin resistance. Science has routinely shown us that people with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and type-2 diabetes have remarkably higher risks for having heart attacks and strokes. Start exercising regularly and you will reverse insulin resistance, lower your blood pressure and lower plaque buildup in your arteries.

Preventing plaque buildup in arteries is going to be a long process that only slowly improves with lots of work. Sometimes conditions are to perilous to go it alone. Make sure to have your doctor on board and friends and family available to help motivate you on this long but important process. The doctor can help with medication if necessary and your friends can help with emotional support.