The key to preventing termite damage is to prevent attracting termites. Termites can cause much damage to your house and other wooden structures on your property. In order to prevent attracting termites you only need to follow a few simple steps.

Things You Will Need

The knowledge to prevent termite infestation

Step 1

Keep trees trimmed. Do not allow tree branches to touch your house or to hang over your roof.

Step 2

Keep shrubs trimmed. Shrubs should be at least 15" to 18" away from your house.

Step 3

Plant plants at least 15" to 18" from your house.

Step 4

Stack firewood at least 12 feet from your house. If you see termites on your firewood, spray the firewood with hot soapy water and burn the wood immediately, preferably in an outdoor fire pit. Do not bring termite infested wood into your house. If you cannot burn the wood in an outdoor fire pit, dispose of the wood.

Step 5

Dig rotting stumps out of the ground, if they are near your house. Rotting stumps attract termites.

Step 6

Keep the foundation of your house in good order. Fix any cracks or holes in the foundation or concrete immediately. Seal the perimeter of your foundation with caulk.

Step 7

Repair any water leaks near your house. Leaking water will cause wood to rot and attract termites.

Step 8

Keep your compost pile away from your house. Termites will also eat decaying leaves and other plant material.

Step 9

Paint the outside of your home on a regular basis. Do not allow bare wood to become exposed. Bare wood will begin to decay without a coat of protective paint. Decaying wood will attract termites.

Follow these simple steps and you will avoid a termite infestation and the expensive damages caused by them.

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