PFThe best way to stay looking young is to not get wrinkles in the first place. Easier said than done right? Not really it is quite easy to learn how to prevent wrinkles. It is not as easy to get rid of fine lines and deep wrinkles once you have them. So prevention really is key.

The number one reason people in my opinion get premature lines and wrinkles is from smoking. I never smoked thank god, some of my friends who have smoked for a long time look to be at least ten years older than they really are. Smoke from cigarettes dries out the moisture in skin making it lose its volume so to speak. The pursing of the lips will also make for wrinkles around the lips to appear.

Here is a not too much talked about reason that cause wrinkles. It is sleeping on your face. I know strange, right? But if you look at your face in the mirror you will notice that one side is more wrinkled than the other. I bet that is the side you mostly sleep on. Having your face scrunched up for eight hours at a time will have an effect on your skin over the years. So to prevent wrinkles at night try sleeping on your back.

The sun as it gives us life also kills our skin. When you are getting tanned outside you are doing nothing more than actually cooking your skin in return they turn brown. Using at least a facial sunscreen with a SPF of at least thirty is number one way for stopping the appearance of wrinkles. Do not take bathing in the sun lightly as it can also contribute to skin cancer.

What goes into your body can also be the cause of premature facial and all over skin wrinkling. Coffee, tea, and alcohol are all diuretics, they cause a loss of moisture in the skin. As stated earlier loss of moisture is why skin cells do not look as full as they should. To combat this drink ten glasses of water a day. This is also good for overall health.

These are just a few of the ways that one can prevent wrinkles. So stop any of these bad vices you have today and your skin will be shining brighter.