There are two times in which a pair of casual dress shoes will squeak: when the outer sole of the dress shoe is rubbing against the ground, and when the pieces of rubber/leather are rubbing against each other. Moreover, there are different methods to prevent and stop the casual dress shoes from squeaking in each manner. I have also included the prices of the products that are needed to make the dress shoes stop squeaking within each method, so that you can get a general idea of how much you are going to have to empty your wallet to stop the noise!

One great thing that you will notice about all of the methods that are listed and described throughout this article is that all of the will cost you well under $10. Lets face it- $10 is a very small price to pay to stop that squeaking noise for years to come! There are quite a few casual dress shoes for under $100 that may make this notorious squeaking noise; however, using some of these methods will make them sound better than the $400 pair of shoes!

Use Some Hair Conditioner Product On The Outer Sole Of The Dress Shoes

This is the best method to use if the outer sole of your casual dress shoes are squeaking when they are coming into contact with the floor that you are walking on.  In addition, the application is very simple as well! You must simply put a small amount of hair conditioning product on a damp cloth, and rub it all over the outer sole of the shoe.

The key to using this method effectively is to ensure that you have covered the entire surface area of the outer sole of the dress shoe with the hair conditioning product. The unique thing about the bottom of the outer sole squeaking against the ground is that it could be the an area that is as small as 1 squared centimetre that is causing the rubber to squeak; this is why it is absolutely important to cover the absolute entire area with hair conditioning product.

I use the Alberto Vo5, and it sells for about $5; however, nearly all hair conditioning products will work!

Put Some Baby Powder Under The Inner Sole Of The Shoe

This is a method to use if the inner sole of the casual dress shoes are rubbing against the walls and causing a squeaking noise. This solution is very simple, and is one of the easiest ways to prevent your casual dress shoes from squeaking. I use baby powder underneath the soles of my dress shoes immediately when I buy them for two primary reasons. It will keep them smelling fresh, and it will prevent the casual dress shoes from making a squeaking noise in the near future.

The application of the baby powder is extremely simple. Simply remove the inner sole lining of the casual dress shoes, and pour a light coat of baby powder underneath it. The only downside to this method is that you will have to continually reapply the baby powder every three months! I personally think that the Johnson’s baby powder that is shown to the right does the best job; however, every type of baby powder will get the job done.

Super Glue Your Heel Or Toe Back Onto The Body Of The Dress Shoes

This will not be a solution for you if your shoes are relatively new; however, the heel and toe of the shoe’s sole comes unglued from the body after they have been worn a substantial amount of times. This is an effective way to stop casual dress shoes from squeaking once they have been worn for at least a few months. Realistically, the manufacturer’s use an extremely strong adhesive to secure the sole to the body of the casual dress shoes in the first place; moreover, one of the best ways to re-glue the sole to the shoe is to use another extremely strong adhesive.

One of the strongest adhesives that can be applied to the bottom of the shoe without causing any negative effects is the super glue that is shown to the right! It works in the most effective manner; however, all of the super glue adhesives would secure the sole to the shoe!

Spray The Areas That Are Rubbing Together With Silicone Spray

It seems like complex shoe designs look much better than simple ones; however, there are many ways in which those pieces of the design can rub against each other and cause a squeaking noise. This is a great ways to prevent your casual dress shoes from squeaking if the pieces of leather/rubber are rubbing against each other. In addition, this is one of the simplest methods to execute.

It simply involves spraying the general area that is causing the noise (or the entire shoe if you want to be safe) with silicone spray! I choose to use the silicone spray that is shown on the right because I feel that it works the best; however, all of the silicone sprays for sale will get the job done quickly!