Preventing and Curing Pesky Hangovers

Many of us who occasionally indulge in alcohol are all too familiar with hangovers and the miserable state they leave you in.  In order to prevent/cure a hangover, first you must understand what is a hangover, what causes them and the effect they have on your body.  Alcohol is a diuretic. This basically means that it causes you to go to the bathroom frequently and your body flushes water and other nutrients out of your system. For those of you who wonder why it seems that you have to go to the bathroom more often when you begin drinking, this is why.  The flushing of your internal systems leaves your body in a state of dehydration and causes symptoms such as  sensitivity to light, sensitivity to noise, headaches, diarrhea, and thirst.  Now that we understand the cause of hangovers, lets move on to prevention.

Curing a Hangover

So you’ve woken up and you feel terrible. Your head is throbbing, your stomach is hurting and you just want your body to function normally again. Using these hangover remedies can help you get back to your old self sooner rather than later.

  1. Replenish your body with fluids. Drink plenty of liquids like juice, water, and powerade to rehydrate your body.

  2. Take a strong multivitamin and vitamin C, and B.

  3. Eat a good meal that’s rich in vitamins. Some common foods people eat to cure hangovers include pickles, eggs, and fish but a good balanced meal should do the trick.

  4. Stay away from the coffee and drinks containing high levels of caffeine. caffeine is a diuretic and it may worsen the effects of a hangover instead of curing it.

  5. Sleep. Getting plenty of rest gives the body time to recover and get you back to normal.

  6. Alka Seltzer Morning release.

  7. Avoid taking Tylenol, Ibuprofin and Aspirin. These medicines can cause serious damage when mixed with alcohol. Tylenol mixed with alcohol can cause major liver damage while Ibuprofen can cause stomach bleeding. Aspirin works as a blood thinner which can cause the hangover to intensify instead of curing it.

  8. One popular method of hangover cure is drinking a bloody Mary, also known as “having a hair of the dog that bit you”. Not sure of the scientific implications of this one but it seems to be a popular one with quite a few folks.


Preventing Hangovers

There is no fool-proof way of preventing hangovers unless you choose to throttle back on the consumption of alcohol you intake. Fortunately by understanding the causes of a hangover you can take the necessary steps of lessening the effect and keep from making them worse. 

  1. First, always drink on a full stomach. Since we know that alcohol will cause your body to divest itself of minerals, the more food you have in you the better. While you are getting rid of some minerals, your body will be taking in more from the food you ate. This will lessen the effects of a hangover or avoid it altogether. Also, having a full stomach helps dilute the alcohol and slows the body from absorbing it.

  2. Drink plenty of water and powerade before you go to bed to refill your body with some of the fluids and minerals you lost.

  3. Avoid mixing drinks. If you start the night off drinking wine its best you stick to wine. If you start with a dark-colored drink such as Whiskey or Bourbon its best to stick with that and best to avoid light-colored drinks such as Vodka and Rum and vice versa.

  4. Drink light-colored drinks. Dark drinks have something called congeners in them. Congeners help add color to the drink itself but Congeners filled drinks such as whisky, bourbon and red wine are associated more with hangovers than their counter parts of rum, vodka, and gin.

  5. Don’t succumb to peer pressure. Lets face it, when we are out with friends enjoying ourselves anything could happen. Drinking games may start up, somebody offers to buy another round for the table or someone challenges the entire table to take shots. The key here is even though you want to have fun, know your limit. This is the best possible way to prevent a hangover in this situation.

Following these cures for hangovers ensure that you have a much better day and help provide hangover relief.