Starting Out

Promoting Your Articles

Once you have had your first article published there becomes the task of somehow promoting your article so that people actually see what you have to offer them. I have now written 11 and I am slowly getting better at promoting my articles to maximize their profit. Here are a few things I do:

The Title

First of all, when you start writing an article it is important that your title is named so that it will come up in search engines. It is good to use tools such as Google's keyword tool which will give you an idea of how often that title is searched and give you similar searches along with their statistics. This can really help you title your articles. For example if you write an article called "How to brush your teeth" google's keyword tool will show you that search is made about 22,000 times a month. It's surprising that 22,000 each month are unaware of how to clean their teeth. But if you look lower down on the page you will see that "How to brush teeth" is searched over 200,000 times a month!

Simply by using this tool to help you create a title can greatly increase the amount of traffic to your article. Simply removing "your" from the title mentioned before would give you 10 times more people worldwide you are googling your title. 


Optimizing You Title For Google Will Greatly Improve Traffic


Use Social Networks

Using social networks is one of the easiest ways to get your articles out there. If you look on the left side of your published works you will see various badges for social networks. For example, twitter, Facebook, stumble upon, Reddit, and Digg. 

Create an account on each of these social networks so that you can quickly post it all over the internet. It also important to note that even if no one follows you on Twitter or likes you on Facebook, having posted a link on other sites creates back links to your articles which increases its relevance. Meaning it will be found on a higher page on google. 

If you are uncomfortable using your real name, just create a Twitter account with your pen name and a Facebook page with your pen name like i did. 


Using Social Networks Is The Best Way To Get Your Work Out There


Write As Many Articles You Can

Of course the best way you can maximize your income from Infobarrel and to get the most views is to write as many articles as you can. If you set a goal and stick to it you can end up publishing more than you could imagine. For example, if you write even 1-2 articles per day, everyday, that will give you up to 730 articles in only one year!

Once you start publishing articles you will see that one article can make you 50 cents or more a month, and that's a low estimation. Now, imagine your passive income with over 700 articles.

You can also link back to your other articles which can increase traffic to your previously written articles. 


If you spend the extra time to do these few little tricks, you will see an increase in traffic to your work guaranteed. And more traffic equals more money from money for you.