In today's world people put their focus on the internet to promote their music.

Online-promotion is crucial to get your music heard. But you should never forget, that there are also some ways to promote your music offline.

Without getting out there and consistently marketing yourself, your talent may stay hidden forever.

So, here are some ways to promote your music offline:

Things You Will Need

Eagerness for success in the music business

Step 1

#1 - Network

One of the most important steps to promote your music offline is to network.

Get out there and meet people, shake hands and let them know about your music, but also do things in their favor. Don't forget that it is a give-and-take.

Good relationships are a key factor for success in the music business.

Step 2

#2 13 Hand out CDs

Put your best tracks on CD. Hand out those CDs with your contact info printed on them.

Most importantly, put a link to your website on them, so people can visit your website if they like what they hear.

Hand out those CDs to every human being you pass by 13 on the streets, in the club, everywhere!

Step 3

#3 13 Clothing / Merchandise

Print your band/artist name or logo on jackets, t-shirts etc and start wearing them.

Make them look sharp and unique, so people become curious about them 13 a good way to even sell them later.

Wear it everywhere and be a walking advertisement.

Step 4

#4 13 Image

This may seem like an useless point, but it's all about your image.

You have to develop your own style, so people can recognize you by your artist/band name, look, performance and even merchandise.

Be unique and stand out. Get people interested in you by withholding some information about you. They'll start wanting to know who's the person behind the artist.

Step 5

#Bonus Tip 13 Business Cards

Always hand one out, when you've talked to somebody about your music.

As said before, you have to include the link to your website.

As you can see, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to promote your music, so get out there and create a buzz!

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