Hip Hop Marketing

Do You Tube?

YouTube is one of the most important websites to be active on. I mean, people even visit YouTube just for listening to music. Don't sleep on this trend!

Here are some tips for your YouTube Hustle:

The Videos

Make sure that your videos are creative. Let your personality shine through your videos.

Of course they don't have to be the next big masterpiece. In most cases I enjoy those videos, where you can see the artist in his everyday life. People often want to know, who the person is behind the artist.

Needless to say, that your actual music videos should look a little more professional & unique.


You don't have any videos recorded yet, but still want to be active on YouTube?

No Problem, upload your best tracks and put the lyrics or some of your photos in the video.

Bonus Tip: Use some extra tags of famous artists to drive more traffic to your videos.

The Community

YouTube has a huge community. If a video goes viral, there will be thousands of comments in no time.

Take advantage of this community by commenting on videos and subscribing to channels you enjoy.

Sometimes you can even respond to a video with a video, which can give more exposure to your videos.

By being active in the communtiy, your fans will see, what things you're commenting on. People, who never heard of you before, but share the same interest, might check you out.

Always remind your watchers to subscribe to your channel and to rate/comment on your videos.

The Design

Keep your design clean and easy to navigate. I've seen so many channels, that might had interesting videos, but I just couldn't stand the design.

Overloaded with ugly graphics, unsorted videos and bad layout.

Don't be one of them. You could lose a potential subscriber.

Hire a designer, if it's needed. It's worth it!

It takes time & patience to get a lot of traffic to your channel/videos. Upload creative videos and be active in the community and you'll see results soon. Update it frequently and keep it clean.

Also, make use of YouTube's own Analytics Tool. It shows, how muc traffic your videos get and where the traffic is coming from.