It's important to market your website online, but don't forget to also strategize on how to promote your website locally. Your local area can be a major booster to your bottom line, so follow the tips below to get the word out.

Make sure your website URL is listed on your business cards and official letterhead. Your business card and letterhead are on the front lines of your local community presence. It's important, then, to promote every way a local community member can engage with your brand. You may even want to consider promoting a custom community splash page on the cards. That way, your neighbors can see a special message, or even a discount, only available to them. It's a great way to build awareness of your business throughout your neighborhood.

Place your web address in your yellow pages listings. The phone book is not just for phone numbers any longer! The listings now give you options for promoting websites and, for some, even social media addresses. Make sure you take full advantage of the listings available throughout your community.

Mail out press releases about your new business. Press releases are an exceptional touch point for your local community. They work like advertising, but with a more official, news-like feel. Build a press release strategy for the year, and on each press release include every way that your community can contact you including your website address.

Promote your website with branded pens, coffee mugs and other giveaways. People love to receive free things. So promoting your website address through promotional giveaways is a great way to build brand recognition of your business website. When choosing promotional items, lean towards those that people tend to use every day or that have pass along value.

Link exchange with other businesses in your community. Especially if your business is new, it is important to associate yourself with some of the more established local businesses in your community. An agreement to promote each other's businesses through a link exchange is an exceptional way to get your website seen and your business trusted within the community!

Begin an email mailing list. When new customers begin their relationship with you, ask them if they'd like to join your mailing list. Then you will be able to distribute links to your website directly into their inbox! It's a great idea to give your mailing list exclusive offers and discounts, so consider creating a special landing page exclusive to them as well.

Add your website to your email signature. Email is the most distributed communication channel on the planet, so take advantage of it! At the bottom of your email include your business name, contact information and your website address. Consider this even for your personal emails. Let your friends and family in your community see what you are up to with your business.

Your local community can be a real boon to your business, so be sure to follow the tips above to engage them with your website. Over time, you'll find that your community members can be real brand champions for you, passing on word about your site farther than you can do on your own. So what's stopping you? Begin promoting your website to them now!