If you've recently purchased a new pink digital camera, then you're probably thrilled with the way it looks, and equally thrilled with how it performs. Although all cameras look great and function flawlessly right out of the box, there are things all around us that threaten to harm our sensitive electronic devices. A simple fall or even a few stray rain drops can cause your camera malfunction, or even worse, to stop working entirely. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your new camera will continue working hard and looking great for years to come.

Caring for pink digital cameras is no different than caring for any type of camera, in that you simply need to use your common sense. Of course, a few tools and a bit of know-how doesn't hurt either. When it comes to caring for your new camera, consider the following suggestions –

• Get a Protective Case – while you're shopping for your new camera you should also be looking at protective cases. A case should be purchased on the same day that you bring home your camera; otherwise, you risk the potential for incidents such as falls, scrapes and minor water damage. Fortunately, there are all sorts of different cases to purchase, from simple $10.00 cases that are large enough to house just the camera, to larger cases that can hold a variety of photography related items. The choice is yours, depending on your needs.

• Don't Force Movable Parts – it you happen to notice that a certain movable part on your camera doesn't want to move, it's important that you don't force it. All the parts on your camera should move with ease, as they were designed to do. If there is an issue, it's important that you take it to an authorized service center rather than try to diagnose it on your own.

• Clean With Care – it's important that you keep your camera clean for a variety of reasons, though you should never use harsh or abrasive cleaners. You should be able to pick up an appropriate cleaner from your local or online camera shop. When in doubt, simply use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe away with a dry microfiber cloth.

As you can see, caring for pink digital cameras is easy with a bit of common sense and using the tips mentioned above. Taking a bit of extra time to ensure that your camera is protected and looking great means that you will be able to enjoy it well into the future.