If you are a first time grill owner there are a few things you need to know that will save you some time and effort in the future. For instance, if you think about your outdoor grill as an investment rather than something used for just entertainment or grilling purposes. That way your grill will work for you for years to come rather than burning out in just a few months. In the coming article I will explain how you can keep your grill properly maintained and running for years.

The very first thing about proper grill maintenance you should know is that you have to keep it clean. After each and every use you need to clean your outdoor grill thoroughly. That means no food or buildup left on the grill plates and that you clean any grilling surfaces. This is good not only for sanitary purposes but it also reduces the chances for rust.

outdoor grillThe next thing you need is some common items that you probably have around the house already: soap, cooking spray or oil, steel or wool pads, and a grill brush. Once you gather those items its time to get to the actual cleaning. Your grill needs a routine brushing after each use or at bare minimum every other time. Otherwise you get food buildup which can eventually lead to rust and damage to the grill plates.

The first place you should start cleaning is the actual grill plates that you place your food on. These usually have the most buildup of food and grime. You should be able to just remove and separately clean them. Once you get the plates clean you should move onto the burners if you have a gas grill. Also make sure to get any preparation surfaces if your outdoor grill has them.

The last step you need to take in order to have a properly maintained grill is to oil the grill plates. You can do this with everyday cooking spray or plain oil. It doesn't matter either way but it is important that you grease it up some way so that you can keep it from rusting. It is also a good way to keep your food from sticking the next time you go to grill any food.

Honestly that's all there is to proper grill maintenance. If you just follow the steps listed above you will have your grill in working condition for years to come. Just remember to buy a cover for it and keep it covered if it's going to be subject to the elements.