Plagiarism is a big problem for online writers. Unfortunately there are some people out there who would rather steal your work than take the time to create their own. If you earn an income from online writing then plagiarism can greatly impact your earnings. This article will guide you on how to protect your articles from plagiarism.

Things You Will Need

To closely follow the steps listed in this article so you can protect your articles from plagiarism.

Step 1

plagiarismThe first step to protecting your articles from plagiarism is to post a copyright on your web site or article. Then you are going to post a warning that your work is protected and that unauthorized reproduction of your work is strictly prohibited. If someone who is planning to plagiarize your work thinks that you are actively monitoring this then that is a huge deterrent.

Step 2

The second step is to use a plagiarism detecting service. There are many services online that will monitor your articles for a small monthly fee to make sure that your articles are not being plagiarized somewhere else online. You can find these services by performing an internet search for "plagiarism detecting services".

Step 3

plagiarizeThe third step to protecting your articles from plagiarism is to report any web sites that you have found to be plagiarizing your work. The best way to report these sites is to contact any search engines(or other advertisers) who have advertising space on the site. Search engines will remove web sites(and their ads) that are found to have plagiarized material.

Tips & Warnings

You need to continually monitor your online work to guard against plagiarism.