A Simple Trick To Save Your Garden

During the spring and early summer, depending on the climate you live in, you may encounter situations where you've already planted your garden for the year - and on the news that night, you see a freeze warning.

Most of the time, the freeze doesn't happen, but that doesn't mean that you can't be proactive and use this simple trick to keep your plants safe.

The trick itself is quite simple. All you need to do is grab several bucks and fill them with warm water. During the day, the water will warm as it sits in the sunlight. Before dusk, move the buckets and set them next to the plants that you'd like to keep warm. The water will cool at night, especially since it's cold outside. However, as the water cools, the heat will escape and diffuse over the plant you want to keep warm. You can also just use warm water and put the buckets out in a pinch.

This trick works amazingly well. And yes, in case you were wondering, it works during any season.

There are other methods you can do to keep your plants warm, like putting black plastic underneath soil (this also helps reduce weeds), or cutting gallon jugs and placing them over particularly sensitive plants. Some gardeners even purchase hot caps, which are cones that you can put on your plants to protect them. In certain cases, gardeners use clear plastic or fiberglass and stakes to construct a tent-type covering over their plants (this method works particularly well if you combine it with the buckets of warm water).

While these other methods do work, none of them can be done spur of the moment. It's one thing to dump out a gallon of milk and cut the jug up to save a single pepper plant, but what about the rest of your plants? What if you don't see a freeze warning until the late news and you can't get to a store in time. You'd better have the materials you need on hand - or you can simply fill a few buckets with warm water and let science work it's magic!

Serious gardeners will also tell you that by keeping your plants warm, you can increase your yield and allow your plants to mature more quickly. So, even though this tip is geared for a spur of the moment quick-fix, remember that keeping your plants warm have benefits no matter what!