Providing great customer service to the people who use your company is extremely important. Getting people in the door or signed up with your company is one thing. Keeping them is another.

By providing great customer service, you will retain your customers longer and also get the benefit of positive word of mouth about your company!

Things You Will Need

A positive attitude, willingness to listen to customers, plenty of patience, and a knowledge of your company, its products, and proper procedures.

Step 1

Introduce yourself and brand your company. Make sure that the customer knows who you are and who you represent. Give the customer a personal experience.

Step 2

Ask the customer what they need or how you can help them. This is where listening is extremely important. You cannot provide great customer service if you don't know what the customer needs! Ask the customer questions in order to be sure that you know what he or she is seeking.

Step 3

Empathize with the customer. Put yourself in their shoes and assure them that you understand their situation. If the customer is upset, match their level of emotion. You want to let them know that you understand their feelings, not make it worse by putting them into a panic.

Step 4

Take care of the customer in a timely manner. Be sure to do it right! Great customer service means getting the job done, getting it done quickly, and getting it done the first time. If the customer has to come back again for the same issue, they aren't going to be happy.

Step 5

Do not separate yourself from your company. If you work for the company, you represent them. That means that to this particular customer, you are the company. Use words like "We" instead of "They" when talking about your employer.

Step 6

Confirm that you have met the customer's needs. Many times, customers are in a hurry. We need to ensure that everything has been taken care of, though. Don't let them go without verifying that all is well!

Providing great customer service helps a business grow. It is also a good feeling to know that you have helped someone solve a problem or fill a need in their life. Take pride in providing great customer service to people!

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