If you are working from home, the proper arrangement and general setting in your home office is essential for you. It is vital to provide yourself with proper working environment, so that you are able to do your job well. And while furniture and equipment are on the top of the list when it comes to building a home office, lighting often is left more or less ignored.

This is not well at all, since appropriate lighting is among the most important thing needed for quality and efficient work. And providing it is not that hard, once you get acquainted with the basic principles of illuminating a home office.

First of all, you should have an idea what kind of work is going to be performed in each particular place in the room, so that you can decide what kind of fixtures are needed. The tasks that you are more likely to perform in your home office are reading, working in front of a computer or conducting phone calls.

In order to avoid inconveniences such as irritating random screen reflections, you should know where you computer is going to be located right from the start. Once you have decided that, you can install a light fixture that will provide the ambient lighting in the home office in a way that there will not be any reflections on the monitor. 

For reading tasks, the light fixture most commonly used is the portable desk lamp. It is usually placed in one of the corners of the desk.

A stylish solution for a home office is installing cove lighting - a type of architectural lighting fixture that is put on a high shelf or installed near the ceiling. Cove lighting does not disperse light evenly throughout the whole room, like a fixture hung from the centre of the ceiling, but rather bounces off the ceiling and the wall, thus washing the whole office with smooth, soft light.

If you are going for designer's lighting solutions you might just as well use a professional advice on how to keep them clean and respectively. It is not that big of a problem though, since there are many professional cleaners that can provide you with assistance at fairly good rates. Locally based domestic companies will definitely save you the trouble of maintaining the cleanness of your home office.

And, of course, there is no better lighting fixture than the sun itself. So, if you have the opportunity, choose a room with big windows for your home office and place your reading chair and desk near it.