Most Reliable Laptop Computers

With the evolution of technology, laptop computers or notebook computers are in common use for both personal and business purposes. They can be taken on vacation or business travel or just down to the local coffee shop so that one can conveniently work on a laptop anytime, anywhere. In determining which are the most reliable laptop computers we must judge the quality of its technical features, ease of use, convenience and several other factors. These are discussed below.

Laptop Weight

The weight of a notebook computer may not have a lot to do with it's reliability but it is most important if you plan on using the laptop outside of your home or traveling with it frequently. Today's lightweight laptop computers are durable and easy to carry anywhere. Generally the size of the laptop as well as it's battery type and battery life are the most important factors in determining it's weight.

Laptop Hard Drive

The hard drive of a computer is an essential feature. All data is permanently stored on the notebook hard drive, so its storage capacity really matters. Reliable laptop computers purchased for business should have a hard drive with a 200 GB at a minimum.

Laptop Keyboards

The pointer and keyboard of a reliable laptop computer select onscreen options and type content. Users with large fingers should buy laptops that feature larger keys. Before buying a laptop, verify that the pointing unit is one that you are comfortable working with.

CPU Processor Chip Speed

The CPU processor of a notebook computer controls all primary and secondary functions in the machine and is of primary importance in determining the speed of your laptop. A good quality CPU in a notebook computer is a must. Major brands of processors include AMD and Intel though most of these components are made overseas in places like Taiwan and Mainland China so even unknown Chinese brands may be made at the exact same factories which produce the well known reliable laptop brands.

Laptop Battery

 The quality, life span and capacity of the laptop battery are critical if you will frequently be using your notebook during travel or in other situations where you may not have a ready power supply. A laptop battery that can provide 3-5 hours of performance is generally satisfactory for most users. You may also want to tweak the power management settings on your laptop after purchase to extend the useful performance time of the battery.

How Much RAM Do I Need?

 Your need for RAM will be determined by the number of processes you are typically performing simultaneously as well as the software you generally use. At a minimum you should select a reliable laptop computer with 2GB or higher capacity if you find the memory is insufficient for your needs, RAM memory upgrades can also be added later to the RAM of a notebook computer.

Video Graphics Card

 If you plan on playing video games with your laptop then you should have a 3D unit video graphics card installed with a capacity of at least 256 - 512 MB on your machine depending upon the types of games you play.

Laptop Screen Size

The size of the laptop screen you select should be dependent upon how you plan to use your laptop. If you plan to use your notebook to watch movies or to use for business presentations, etc. you may want to opt for a larger screen. Keep in mind however that the larger the screen, the larger and heavier the laptop will generally be. If you will be using the laptop primarily for travel or on a small desk, you may want to select a model with a smaller screen. Then you will be able to have a smaller, more lightweight reliable notebook computer for travel that will be more convenient for your needs.

Aside from the technical features of the laptop, the most important things to bear in mind before making a purchase are what tasks you expect it to perform most often. Many people use their dependable laptop simply to handle tasks like email access, surfing the internet and word processing. Others require a more robust computer capable of multimedia functions like movies, music and videos. So, before deciding to buy, you must check the internal and external features and compare them with your requirements of a reliable laptop computer.