Medical transcription is a genuine, legitimate work at home career, but you do need to have the proper training in order to apply for and obtain these kinds of jobs, and you also need to research each company you apply to just to be sure that it is reputable.

Things You Will Need

You will need medication transcription training. In some cases, you will also need to have some previous experience in the medication transcription field in order to obtain a work at home job in medical transcription.

Step 1

There are certain kinds of equipment that are required to perform transcription jobs, such as a headset, a computer, a foot pedal and Dictation Listening Software. You will also need to be trained and certified by a legitimate, accredited transcription training program

Step 2

What does a medical transcriptionist actually do? Medical transcriptionists listen to recordings made by doctors regarding their patients' discharge papers, diagnostic paperwork and other medical forms via a headset and they pause the audio using a foot pedal whenever necessary, all the while typing exactly what the doctor has said, going back to edit their work as needed to make sure the final transcript is clear and grammatically correct.

Step 3

These reports that the medical transcriptionists prepare then become a significant part of each patient's permanent medical files. Medical transcription, as you can well imagine, is an extremely important job, because doctors rely on medical transcriptionists to keep accurate records of their patients' entire medical histories.

Again, it is particularly important to note that while several work at home jobs do not require any specialized training, medical transcription is not only a legitimate work at home opportunity, but it also requires specialized vocational training. You will need to carefully investigate each training program to which you apply, because some are legitimate and accredited, while others are not.

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Tips & Warnings

One of the big pluses of this particular legitimate work at home opportunity is that it pays quite well. It also requires the ability to concentrate, pay close attention to detail, and a peaceful, quiet work environment. As always, you will want to check out the work at home message boards, such as, and, because the people who post there will be able to tell you about the most trustworthy and legitimate medical transcription training programs and employers.