As you consider the different kinds of work at home jobs that are available to you, don't rule out certain types of sales positions, also known as social networking jobs. For instance, if you really enjoy meeting people and throwing parties, then you might want to be an Avon representative, or you may want to work for a company like Pampered Chef. (Of course, there are many other great social networking companies similar to these two, but I am using them as examples just because they are among the most well known.)

Things You Will Need

You will need the desire to work from home combined with an outgoing personality and a strong work ethic.

Step 1

Maybe you have purchased products from your local Avon rep, or maybe you have attended neighborhood parties where jewelry or items for your kitchen were sold. If you consider yourself a "social butterfly," who really enjoys getting together with your neighbors and friends, then these are exactly the kind of social networking jobs that may appeal the most to you.

Step 2

An added perk with these kinds of social networking jobs is that you really get to know the people who live in your own town and the surrounding communities. And these parties truly are fun, lively social events. Sure, you will be selling products, but the party guests talk about everything under the sun. They really relax and enjoy themselves, so the selling is never the sole focus of the evening.

Step 3

The commissions associated with such home based jobs are often quite generous, and just think: you actually get paid to chat, laugh and socialize with people whose company you enjoy anyway. What more could you ask for? (Of course, if you are shy and reserved, this kind of work may not be the best fit for you, and I would remind you to always be true to yourself and your desires, first and foremost.) Also, if you are seeking work from home jobs in which you actually stay at home most of the time, it's important to consider the fact that these types of social networking jobs generally do require you to leave your home and travel, at least locally.

If you are undaunted by the idea of traveling locally and throwing parties (both in your own home and in the homes of other people), and if you enjoy selling products that you truly believe in, then at least consider trying one of these social networking jobs. You might find that it really is the perfect fit for you!

Tips & Warnings

If you are very shy, you may want to rule out home based jobs that involve a lot of social networking, unless you are up for a very big challenge.

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