One of the greatest thing about being a woman is our ability to dramatically change our looks with just a bit of makeup. However, overly complex makeup routines can be tiring if you have to do them every morning even if you're just stepping out to the grocery store.

The great thing is, a casual everyday look can be achieved with a simple makeover routine that takes just minutes. There are only a few basic tools and products needed. Surprisingly, most of the steps involved in getting a natural flawless look do not actually involve any makeup.

Now I see I'm beginning to lose you here. I thought this article was supposed to be about how to put on makeup? Well it is, however, makeup can only do so much to cover up imperfections. The greatest time saving tip is to start out with a good base. The better your skin and complexion is, the less steps you have to take every morning and the less products you have to use to cover up blemishes and spots.

The best tip to cutting down your morning makeup routine is to pamper your skin at night. For starters, throw out your harsh cleansers and soaps. That's right, get rid of your neutrogena acne wash and heaven forbid if you're using body wash to cleanse your face. Instead, try using a non detergent based cleanser such as cleansing oils. These cleansers work by emulsifying the grease and dirt on your skin with water so the dirt and grime comes off when you rinse your face, but without the harsh drying effects of soaps and detergents.

You'll also want to moisturize your skin every night. Contrary to popular belief, there is no miracle all in one product for moisturizing. There are mainly two steps, the water soluble step followed by the oil based step to seal in the moisture. The best thing for the water soluble step is to use a product containing hyaluronic acid. Don't worry, even though it's called an acid, hyaluronic acid is a jelly like substance found all throughout your body, in your joints for example, and is what traps moisture in between your skin cells. After the water based moisturizer, you'll want to seal in all that moisture with an oil based cream. Good choices are jojoba oil or coconut oil which are gentle and non pore clogging even for people with cystic acne.

With a good skin care regime, you'll find putting on your morning makeup to be easy. Here's what you'll need to do. First, start with cleansing your face. After towelling your skin dry, you'll want to moisturize and apply your eye cream. Wait one minute for your face cream to sink in before moving on to the next step.

Next you'll want to spot apply your concealer to cover red spots, dark circles and bruises. Remember, use green concealer for redness like acne and broken capillaries, yellow concealer for bruising like under eye circles, and lilac concealer for yellow discoloration. This should take less than a minute since you don't have to blend anything in at this point.

Follow this with your foundation, making sure to blend it in with your concealer. This step will take anywhere from less than a minute to two minutes depending on how much you need to blend and cover.

After your foundation, you want to do your eye makeup. If you use eyeliner, do it first. Then put on your eyeshadow. Finally, curl your eyelashes and put on your mascara. The tricky part is doing your mascara. A good trick is to use a business card as a shield between your lashes and mascara so you don't get any on your already made up eyes when putting your mascara on. This is the most time consuming part of the process and can take more than 5 minutes if you're going for a more complex look.

Finally, you'll want to apply a light touch of blush to your cheeks, put on some gloss or lipstick, and shade in your eyebrows with some brow powder or eyebrow pencil.

Remember, the best way to save time in the morning when doing your makeup is to start off with a good natural foundation. Good skin and nicely groomed eyebrows will need less touching up which means you can cut minutes off your everyday makeup routine. The best way to get better looking eyebrows if yours are sparse or uneven is to use eyebrow growth products like Librow where you want your eyebrows to grow. Once your eyebrows start growing in, you can tweeze them into the shape you want but your eyebrows will stay thick and defined. Likewise, remember to use a gentle cleanser, moisturize, and get plenty of sleep for blemish free skin and you'll be able to skip the concealer and foundation all together.