If you want to lower your handicap in your golf game, you might need every chancePutting Green of practice you can schedule in your already hectic day. If you want to practice as often as you want, then here is an idea. Why not build your own backyard putting greens? Yes, you can definitely convert your backyard into a functional putting area. It might sound like hard work at first but once you know how, you will find it is an easy task after all. The important thing here is for you to stick to your plan of having a putting green in your yard and go for it. It is a very simple project that anyone can do. Taking a few strokes off your game is worth the effort, right?

Do a survey of the area surrounding your backyard. Does the street in front of your yard always have heavy traffic? Do you need to use a mesh wire to raise your fence? To keep your ball inside the yard, all you need is a little putt control to keep the ball from getting lost. There is no need for an elaborate fence for you will not be doing full swings on your backyard practice putting green. Putting just means rolling the ball towards the direction you want it to go, which is the hole. If you are satisfied with your fence, the next thing on the list is to clean up. Remove poor soils and rocks lying around and then make the ground as flat as you can. Check out our backyard putting green tips by Instant Backyard for other articles on this topic.

Start laying a layer of good soil and rake it in to make it even. You can choose to put a bed of sand first if you like. The important thing is you put in good drainage for your home putting greens. The resulting top soil should have fine texture and should be very clean, without a speck of dirt in sight. Soil will settle overtime but you can contour the soil any which way you prefer.

Place your sod or artificial surface in the new spot and secure in place. Be careful to make sure that everything is flat and smooth. Finally, cut out your holes and place the cups, so that it has a professional finish. Another article on putting green turf for your backyard is also available.

You will be amazed how quickly your score goes down when you are able to practice your short game from home. Enjoy your new putting green.