How to make the Black Swan Halloween costume at home

The Black Swan, played by Natalie Portman on the film with the same name, is a great costume idea for women who want to mix the beauty and femininity of a ballerina with a suitable dark character suitable for Halloween 2012. If vampires aren't your thing and you are tired of being a witch, give this quick black swan Halloween costume a try.

A Dark Ballerina Costume

Black swan halloween costumeCredit: AmazonTo get your Black Swan Halloween costume started you will need a black swimming suit or leotard, in black. If you already own one with some decorations that is similar to the one in the film even better, but otherwise you can search on Amazon or your local dance supplies store for a black ballerina leotard. You can buy white mate footed tights from any department store, or from a dance supplies shop.

Tutus are also known as Juliet skirts or Tulle ballet skirts, and you will need a black one to pull off this Black Swan Halloween costume. Unless you are very sure of yourself you probably want something longer and fuller than a real ballerina one, so you could look for a model that finishes at your knees either at Amazon or at a dance supplies store. You may even be lucky and be able to find a similar model on a high street shop, as tulle skirts have been popular this season.

To finish your costume you will need either black or white ballet slippers. Natalie Portman wears real ballet pointe shoes, but unless you are actually a ballerina you'll be much more comfortable with a pair of soft slippers, as pointe shoes can actually harm your ankles.

If you can find some black satin ribbon you can use it to lace up the ends of your legs as decoration. The best thing of just buying a normal pair of slippers is that you'll be able to wear them more times, as flats are very comfortable footwear.

Accessorizing And Makeup

To go from black ballerina to authentic Black Swan the right accessories are vital. You can get inexpensive black ostrich feathers from EBay or a party supplies store and attach them to your leotard and even use them to decorate your hair.

The distinctive black and red contact lenses that Natalie Portman is wearing on the film were hand painted by Kevin Crater, and getting a hand painted pair of sclera contact lenses of that quality can be quite expensive, but you can actually find many other black swan contact lenses that will help you achieve a similar effect without costing a lot of money.

Coloured contact lenses for making the Black Swan Halloween costume at homeCredit: AmazonSclera contact lenses are more difficult to put on than normal ones, and usually require an adaptation period so if you just want a Halloween costume you may be better off with more traditional costume contact lenses with a red circle around the pupil.

The Black Swan character wears very elaborate theatrical makeup that can be also replicated using every day makeup products but will require some skill. If you have a steady pulse and know your way with eyeliner you can try this dramatic makeup following this video tutorial, or you can get a friend to help you.

Or if you aren't very convinced about running around checking your makeup every hour because it may have run off you could improvise with a black feathered venetian mascara, equally impressive but without the hassle.