Now we all love listening to music on our IPod's and/or Phones theres no questioning that, but most of us have trouble putting our favorite music on them. If your reading this then you probably spend a lot of time surfing on the internet. If your like me you probably go on Youtube to listen to your favorite songs that you wish you were able to get on your MP3 device, luckly there is a way.

MP3 players can be very useful and it is really easy to put new songs in it especially if you already have MP3 files. You just simply drag the song or songs into your MP3 player folder and you are good to go. Its really quite simple. Now unfortunately saving songs directly from YouTube to your MP3 isn’t as easy as that. There are a few steps you have to go through to save them to your Ipod or phone.

Download a converter. The first thing that you need to do is to download a converter into your computer. There are many free converters available in the Internet and can be easily found and downloaded. I would recommend Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, I have used it for years. Once you have downloaded a conventer, make sure to install it properly for it to work without any problems. Once its done open the program and allow it to run.


Getting on YouTube. The next step is going on Youtube get all the URL of the video of the song you want. (If you have multiple songs that you want I recommend opening up Wordpad on your computer and pasting all the URLs there.)

Convert the video. After copying the URL(s) of the video(s), paste it on the URL box in your  converter. Click on “convert to” and you’ll be given different options. Click “MP3 (audio only)” then click the "Download" or "start"button. The program will start converting the YouTube video into an MP3 song.

* Make sure you save the files in a place or folder that you can find them(your MP3 files) in.

Open Windows Media Player. After the converter is done converting, open Windows Media Player to sync your converted songs to your MP3. Your MP3 player should be listed on the right part of the program and underneath it will be a “sync list” where it is empty. Go back to your converted MP3 folder and drag the MP3s to the empty list.
Connect your MP3 Player. The next thing you’ll have to do is to plug in your MP3 device into your computer/laptop.  When you have dragged all your converted songs to the folder, click on the “start sync” button. Windows Media Player will then sync all the songs into your MP3. When its finshed you should now have all your favorite YouTube songs saved in your MP3.
* If you have Itunes you can use it to sync music to your IPod also.          
Now you can listen to your favorite song will your on the go or if just relaxing at home.