We have all seen those wood doors that just do not open or close right without getting stuck. Read further to find out the easy way to fix them.

Door Will Not Close

Things You Will Need

Finishing Nails


Nail Set Or Punch

Wood Putty Or Spackling

Step 1

Finding the spot where the door is sticking can be done fairly easily by closing the door until it sticks and then step back and look at the gap between the door and the frame. Normally the gap begins to close up as it approaches the problem area. Once you determine the exact spot where it is sticking you can pinpoint that area with a pencil mark on the door frame.

When you have that area of the door frame marked at the point where the door sticks you can take your finishing nail, which should be about 1 1/2" long, and tap the pointed end with your hammer. This will blunt the pointed end and keep it from splitting the door frame wood when you drive it in. Just put the nail at the point of where it sticks on the door frame and drive it in with the hammer. This will pull the door frame away from the door and free up the door from sticking.

Gap Between Door And Frame

Step 2

When you have the nail driven completely into the door jamb you can then try shutting and opening the door to see if it sticks at any other place. Take the nail set or punch and drive the nail head a little further, just below the surface of the wood frame and you can fill that area with spackling or wood putty, then sand and touch it up with paint. It is possible that one nail in one location will not totally free the door from sticking . If this is the case just repeat the procedure at any other area that sticks.

Door Frame Area For Nail

A carpenter friend of mine from the old school way of building taught me this trick and I have used it numerous times to fix those annoying doors that stick. It has never failed to free up any door that I have ever used the method on.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to tap the pointed end of the nail with your hammer to avoid splitting the wood when you drive the nail.