Email A Friend

We all come across cool websites and pages we think our friends would like.Most sites and Blogs have sharing options for social networks but not all sited have the option to Email the link to your friends and family.Sending the link for any website or web page is easy, once you know the steps.You can send the link for any page from your Email in a few clicks without the need to copy or paste.

The top Internet browsers have there own settings for "Send Page By Email" so here we will look at how it is done using *Internet Explorer *FireFox *Opera *Netscape.

Internet Explorer (IE)

To send a page by Email in Internet Explorer - In the top left menu click 'File' From the Drop down menu click 'Send' and then 'Page by E-mail'.

Mozilla FireFox

FireFox have made it even easier to send by Email - Right click on any part of the page you wish to send and from the small menu choose 'Send Link' and your Email will open with the link included.


Opera allow you to send a page by mail in the same fashion as FireFox - Right Click on any part of the page and choose 'Send Link By Mail' from the menu.


Email A Page with Netscape - For Netscape Users Click 'File' in the top menu and 'Send Page' from the drop down menu.

These options will help you share some of the fun and interesting content you find online with your friends.All steps when followed open your Email account with the page URL link included in the body of the Email.Add the names you want to sent the mail to and send.

Most browsers do their best to provide useful shortcuts for their users, you can also check built in FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts and Internet Explorer Keyboard shortcuts that can make your time online more productive.