If you have a favorite, comfortable chair that has seen better days, consider re-upholstering it. Re-upholstering a chair extend the life of the piece and allows you to choose new fabric that will fit into your decorating theme. This is a great way to quickly re-upholster a chair to give a room a whole new look. This method is so easy, you can change your upholstered seats with the seasons or holidays. For this quick re-upholstering project the chair-seats need to be in relatively good shape because you are only covering it for a fresh new color or pattern. - dining room chairs, kitchen chairs or any other chair with a fabric seat lends a whole new feel to a room. Be creative, be quirky, be sophisticated, be whimsical, add your own touch of decorating style to any room.

Preparing for New Upholstery

Turn your chair upside down.

Use a screw driver to unscrew screws and remove the chair-seat.

Tap old, popping staples or tacks back in place with a mallet or pull them out of the seat with pliers.

Make a Template

Place the seat on a large piece of paper. If you do not have a large piece of paper, use a sheet of newspaper.

Use a pencil to trace around the seat. If you are tracing onto newspaper, use a brightly colored pencil or crayon.

Add 6 inches to the tracing lines in each direction and draw the lines larger around the original drawing.

Measure each seat tracing to determine how much fabric you will need for each seat.

Ready, Set, Re-upholster

Choose a heavier weight fabric, not a delicate fabric because they will not hold up to use. If it is a chair that is not used often, only an accent in the room, use any type of fabric you would like.

Place the fabric flat on a table or ironing board and iron it to remove any wrinkles or creases.

Lay the tracing over the fabric and pin the pattern to hold it securely in place.

Cut out the material around the pattern with sharp scissors.

Lay the fabric flat on an even, level surface.

Place the chair-seat upside down in the middle of the fabric with 6 inches extra in direction.

Tightly pull up one side of the fabric and place in on the underside of the seat.

Use a heavy duty stapler to staple the fabric in place.

Repeat on each side of the seat.

Pull a corner up tightly and fold it neatly to form a pleated corner, secure the corner in place with a staple on the underside of the chair-seat.

Repeat on all corners of the chair-seat.

Pull remaining fabric up tightly and wrap it around to the seat's underside.

Staple all loose fabric in place. The staples should be about 3/4 to 1 inch apart.

Repeat with all chair-seats.

Place the seat back onto the chair and screws the screws back in.


Be creative mix solid with patterns.

Shop at yard sales and thrift stores for vintage fabric and prints.

Change the patterns when you become bored with the existing upholstery.

Choose seasonal patterns and redecorate for every holiday.

Upholster dining chairs in different coordinating fabrics to add an ecletic feel to a room.

There are no rules this is your decorating project.