For every smoker who has wanted to quit smoking, the same questions keeps popping in their mind, exactly how do I stop smoking?. It’s an age-old question that is constantly being asked, but thanks to modern science and research, there are some medical proven ways in which people can kick their cancerous habit.

The main chemical for this habit is nicotine, and is found in various tobacco plants, it’s an addictive alkaloid chemical found on each tobacco plant and can make up to 5% of the plant itself. The processed leaves from these plants can keep upwards of 25 milligram of nicotine per plant and medical research has shown that on average, a smoker can inhale two milligram of nicotine per plant. Dependency to alkaloid can lead to a prolong use of cigarettes and can cause lung cancer, among other diseases.Quit-Smoking-Remedies

It’s very difficult to quit smoking, and requires a lot of will power from burning up a cigarette. The effects from trying to quit also include mental stress, because the person will have anxiety attacks as well severe withdrawal symptoms.

Here are some successful tips on how to quit smoking:

  • Stop Smoking Devices do nothing more than release a small dosage of nicotine into your system to help you cut the amount of nicotine your body is absorbing. Over time, it’s thought that your body will begin to adjust to this lower dose and thus help you kick the habit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these stop smoking devices will not help, they do help with nicotine craving, but there is a tendency that folks might just get over-dependant on these aids as they do release small amounts of nicotine.
  • Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is now considered one of the most effective ways in which one can let go of their smoking habit. A reputable therapist will use their sessions to help the patient’s mind into believing that they have the power to quit this habit.
  • Therapeutic Alternative treatments have also been known to help smokers quit their nicotine habits. There are various treatments available today such as meditation, yoga exercises, acupuncture and herbal baths.
  • Strong willpower is totally essential if you want to kick your nicotine habit. People who have little willpower will find it very hard to keep on track with their goals of kicking this habit, as opposed to strong will powered people who will find it easier to kick their habit. Strong support from family and friends will also help the cause.
  • Counseling sessions seem like they only used for distressed relationships, but even folks with strong willpower falter. A one-on-one session with a counselor helps not only through behavioral support but can help boost morale and help you in the fight to stop smoking.
  • Prescription Medications are often prescribed by doctors to help smokers quit their smoking habits. These medications are usually in the form of relaxants or sedatives and usually help the smoker with the discomfort brought on by withdrawal symptoms from not smoking.

A general conception among young men and women these days is that smoking is cool, it makes young men feel macho and makes young women feel classy, but the truth is so different. It’s a habit that is very hard to quit, it’s very addictive and more importantly, it’s very easy to start smoking but quitting is one of the hardest habits of them all.