How To Rap: Part One

Many people blow rap off as being easy and simplistic when the truth is that it's actually tough! Rapping is just poetry spoken in a rhythm, plain and simple. Sure, the very basic lyricist you hear on the radio make rapping seem quite easy, but when you hear true emcees using advanced techniques, rapping becomes a lot more difficult.

Rhyme Scheme

"My Bed-Stuy flows malicious, delicious//

Fuck three wishes, made my road to riches//

From 62's, gem stars, my moms dishes//

- The Notorious B.I.G.

- Rhyme scheme is very easy to understand; it's just the pattern in which your lyrics rhyme (AABBCC). Some artists like Eminem have very advanced rhyme schemes, while other artists like Soulja Boy just do very, very simple couplets.

Multi-Syllable Rhyming

"Ayo, you better flee hops, or get your head thrown three blocks//

Cause L keep rappers hearts pumping like Reebok//

And every year I gain clout, and my name sprout//

Some brothers still'd be large if the crack never came out//

- Big L

- Multi-syllable rhyming is what seperates the good from the great. Many good rappers rarely every use multi's (KRS-One), but all of the truly greet emcees use multi's and are very good at it.

But what exactly is a Multi-syllable rhyme?

- A multi-syllable is any rhyme that rhymes with multiple syllables.

Normal rhyme: Flight / Light

Multi-Syllable rhyme: Take flight / Brake light

How to use muli-syllable rhyming?

- If you have a rhyme in mind like:

My rap flow's...

- First you need to find words that rhymes with rap, and then words that rhyme with flow. But finding the words aren't the only part, you also must make sure the rhyme is coherent, because anyone can string together a bunch of random mult's, but it doesn't make them good artists.

- Now once you have your rhymes in mind, add them to the rap.

So, my rap flow's can now become: My rap flows pierce through all you wack foes// That rap slow, I leave them buried like capsules//

- Once you have multi-syllable rhyming perfected, your rapping will start sounding very professional.