How To Rapidly Increase Traffic To Your Site

As a blogger or e-business you want to increase the traffic to your website or websites. More traffic leads to more publicity, comments and sales or subscriptions to your site. But how do you attract more visitors to your your blog or website?

You can pay Google or Facebook to get more visits. This means that you will pay for every person who stumbles upon your ad! You can set a maximum budget per click, but I will cost money anyhow. An Adwords or Facebook Ads campaign may work for your blog or site. Nowadays companies invest more money into their internet ads than in traditional media ads.

In my slightly experienced opinion it is better to improve your natural or organic traffic. Natural traffic are visitors that just type in your webadres. Organic traffic comes from people that use certain key words to find their information on search engines like Google and Altavista.

There are three strategies to increase your traffic right now!

1. Write awesome posts on your own site!

Your products will look more professional when you post awesome content to your site. Your unique posts will trigger search engines (takes a few weeks) to rank your website higher. The highest ranking would be a first page ranking but you might never get a first page ranking for most or all relevant keyword searches. I reckon you want to attract as many followers or subscribers for your internet site or buyers for your e-services. Your traffic and conversions into subscribers and or buyers will increase considerably if you provide consistent quality information, comments and customer care.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Install a SEO plugin when working with Wordpress to easily increase organic traffic to your site. In case you aren't working with Wordpress you can try to put some important keywords in your html code. I can advice you to hire a SEO specialist to improve your websites Search Engine Ranking. Take your time to experiment with your website in order to get more traffic before you hire in an expensive expert.

3. Publish awesome posts on eHow and Infobarrel

Publishing articles on crowd sourcing sites like eHow and Infobarrel will not only make it possible for you to make an extra dime. If you write and publish selfmade and genuine articles about topics related to your blog or business you can mention and implement reference to your own site.