Before we start learning how to read body language, let us first think about why we would want to read the body language of people we meet in the first place.

We consciously or subconsciously use non-verbal signs to express ourselves, and those who know how to read body language will get our meaning faster than those who don't. Call it "speaking in code" if you will. Body language transcends the spoken word so that two people who live in different countries can understand each other just by using gestures.

We must learn how to read body language to stay calm and collected in an argument. Sometimes, it feels better to get the last word in and an argument could drag on for hours before you can detect the first signs of resignation in the other person. Reading body language is also handy when you're trying to catch a liar or a cheater.

This skill is particularly useful when you're trying to gauge the level of attraction another person has for you. It may take a while to get used to this whole new world of non-verbal communication, but once you start practicing this in the dating scene, you're going to pat yourself on the back for taking the time to learn how to read body language.

Here are a couple of situations you can start paying attention to immediately:

Things You Will Need

  1. Observe how people behave when on the phone - When talking to someone over the phone, people show body language that conveys how they feel for that person.

How do you react when you're on a date with a woman and then someone calls her on the phone? At first, you don't think anything of it or feel anything as you watch her take the call from afar, and then you notice her body language while she's holding the phone to her ear and you start getting suspicious.

A woman talking to a client or a boss or a family member will be sitting up straight with her head upright. A woman who is talking to a lover or potential lover will be leaning to one side and her head will be somewhat tilted. A woman who's flirting over the phone will fondle her hair or play with the phone's cord. The way she reacts after hanging up could also indicate her relationship with the caller. Did she linger, take a deep breath or smile after the call?

  1. How to read body language by people watching

People watching will hone your body language reading skills, and you can do this in the airport, in the coffee shop and in the park when you're not too busy. Look at how people walk together. Is one walking faster than the other? You can tell from their strides whether they are having an argument or they are enjoying each other's company. You can also tell whose the leader in the relationship (generally speaking the one walking in front) or if their in balance (by walking side by side). If you're really observant, you will even notice how people walk their dogs and whether they're only doing it because they have to or they're genuinely enjoying it. The simplest gestures can convey profound meanings. A raised eyebrow could indicate shock or disbelief. A frown could indicate confusion or disapproval. Sidelong glances could be signs of flirting.

There is another form of how to read body language, that of reading handshakes. More articles about this topic will be posted soon. Meanwhile, download your free eBook called "The Limp, The West, The Hard - Unlocking the Mysteries of Handshakes" by going to No strings attached, you don't even have to leave your name or email address.

It's important that you do not judge a person when learning how to read body language. The truth is that we read body language subconscously all day long. That's why sometimes you can say "I don't like this person but I can't point my finger on why." Or "This is a great person but I can't quite say what impresses me so much." This happens because we "read" and "measure" a person on a soul level and we get a message from our brain telling us to go forward with a person or not. Trust that gut instinct but don't judge a person as good or bad by simply reading body language.

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