In my Grandma's day, if you had a problem bothering you, or you were anxious about that first date, or confused about something and not sure what to do, then the answer was an obvious one. Have a cup of hot tea and then read the leaves! My mother used to shake her head at the idea, but it was a fun time with my Grandma.

Growing up around my own Grandma, I used to think she was crazy with this idea. I would tell her my problems, and she would promptly put the kettle on, and she would use loose tea in the pretty china cup. I was used to tea bags, and didn't even know that it looked like this, but I would have a cup with her.

The idea, behind reading tea leaves, is that you are suppose to quietly think about your problem while brewing the hot drink, and sipping the tea. Keep thinking about the problem or your question and then when reading tea leavesyou get near the bottom of the cup and close to the loose bits (that had usually settled in the bottom) you would start swirling your cup around and then toss the liquid in the sink, and the loose tea leaves would leave a pattern in your cup.


You now read these leaves! I used to listen to her for hours about what each shape meant. But really what I think happens, is your subconscious already knows the answer to your problem, and reading the bottom of your cup, it basically confirms it. Here is a brief list of the most obvious shapes and patterns and what they were suppose to mean to you. Of course she would always have a story to go with it, but here are the basics!

Triangle Shape

 This means that something is coming between you and your decision, such as another person, who may be trying to stop you from doing something. If you stare at the triangle long enough, you will figure out who it is, and your decision will be clear.

Round Coin

 A solid circle usually means a coin, which is suppose to mean something good is about to happen. It can mean money or just that your problem will go away or you will do the right thing and not to worry.

Heart Shape

This means that many people love you, and that you should keep your heart open when considering your decision. But that you should also appreciate them more, and let them help you with your problem, as they will love you know matter what.


 If you get a long slim shape, this tends to mean a knife or sword, and means that you have to go head to head with someone and clear the air to get happiness back in your life. If your question was about an argument or a disagreement, this is telling you not to ignore it, or use the silent treatment, but to clear the air now and be friends again.


 Usually your mind can figure out a shape in the tea leaves, but sometimes you can see a number. A number is a whole other list of answers! This is suppose to happen more if you are drinking your tea and you don't really have a problem or question but would like to know more about yourself or your future. Here is a list and a brief answer for each one (my grandma knew these off by heart!)

1.  Start again, or something new is about to happen, This is usually good things.

2. If your tea leaves look like this, then there is a new relationship happening soon, could be a new friend or romantic involvement.

3. Fertility or if you are past that, it can be rebirth for you, possibly a new job or losing weight or something that is good for your body and soul and that is a good change to make you happy. It can also mean going ahead with that divorce or moving on to better things.

4. Stable, you are a stable person, strong and people come to you for answers.

5. You are confused right now, and need to find some direction

6. Knowledge, you should maybe take a course or go back to school, or take up a new hobby to make you happy.

7 and 8 are success in your chosen career or you are going to win at whatever it is you are about to do, whether a new job or run a marathon.

9. This is the one number every tea reader would like to see. This is suppose to be the luckiest number and it means happiness in all parts of your life, job, love and family and success.



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When reading tea leaves, my Grandma would of course add her own stories to this, like when I was a young teenager, I got the number 2 show up in my cup. Actually she was upset at me because I had finished my tea, and got near the leaves (I hated that bitter taste at the bottom of the cup) and was about to throw the cup in the sink out of habit, and she came racing over to see my cup!

She read the tea leaves, and it was a 2, and she spend the next 1/2 hour telling me about the guy I was going to meet and marry one day!

It was fun, and is a memory I have with my Grandma. I will still drink loose tea once in a while, and not strain it, so I can quickly scan the tea leaves in the bottom of my cup. My family were from England, the land of tea! and reading tea leaves was done all the time.

So, next time you want to brew yourself a cup of tea and are having a think about a problem, why not brew some loose tea? All you need is a teaspoon of loose tea, and make sure you use a white tea cup for the best reading. China tea cups work better than mugs, as they are wider at the bottom, and think about your question, and sip your tea.

It could be, just by taking the break with a friend or loved one, and having a hot cup of tea, you will be relaxed enough to answer your own question, but it doesn't hurt to ask the tea cup your question and then read the tea leaves in the bottom. Just don't drink the tea leaves! Drink it down as far as you can, swirl your cup and with one action dump the liquid and then turn the cup upright again, and then get on with reading tea leaves!

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