Body language is part of human nature. While some try so hard to figure out what the other person is thinking, if you can read simple body language - you don't have to guess too much. It's really very basic and easy to learn body language once you've gotten the basics down. Eyes, hand gestures and movements - these little things can always tell someone what another is really thinking. How? It's all in the movement and reaction of the other person that tells the truth.


The Common Facts About Body Language

THE EYES HAVE IT. If you are interested in learning body language, this is a huge part of reading someone. People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They can tell so much information about the person if you know what you are looking for. For instance: Check their pupils. If they are dilated this usually means they are interested in the conversation or whatever their eyes on focused on. If some situations, and depending on the person, this could also be a sign a drug usage. If a person's eyes stayed dilated the entire time, it may be a sign of drugs instead of interest. However, you can tell the difference right away once they blink or change focus.

HANDS AND ARMS ARE IMPORTANT. Hand movements and reactions can say a lot without a word spoken. Usually open and upward palms, means that the person is comfortable and open to conversation. Reading body language in people also means that be aware of the way they adjust their arms. If the person's arms are open or wide apart - this means they are comfortable in their surroundings. While closed and crossed arms usually means they feel uncomfortable or awkward in the surroundings.

CHECK FOR REACTIONS. Want to know if someone is interested in the conversation or looking for a way out? Check for a few of the common movements and reactions people use without realizing it. Mimicking is a huge sign that the person is very interested in what you are saying. Mimicking means that the other person reflects your own body movements, such as moving the opposite arm you just moved or touching you when you touched their shoulder, etc. It's almost like a mirror - it's easy to pick up but people do it unconsciously. Rubbing of the chin usually means that the person is thinking or contemplating something.

Want to know if someone wants to get away? There are a few common signs that a person is conflicted or distracted and wants to get away from a conversation. The number one sign is being to over-active and fidgeting around a lot. Another sign is looking at a clock or watch constantly.

WATCH THE LEGS. Foot and leg position can say a lot without words. If the person's feet, that you are having a conversation with, is pointed directly towards you - this means they are very interested in what you are saying, while crossed legs or strange footing may mean they have something else on their mind.

OTHER FACTORS. Watch for other factors, such as eyebrow movements and simple gestures that are warming or colder than usual. Body language is really simple once you realize that every moment is a subconscious decision of their body. Pay attention and your sure to get the hint.