How To Really Win The X Factor

Do you want to know how to become a famous singer? Well most people will suggest the easiest way to instant fame is by winning the X Factor. However, I have to disagree as I don't think you even need to win the x-factor to become famous even just getting far into the competition can be enough to propel you to stardom. Winning it would make it guaranteed though so how do you win the x-factor?

There are many fool proof ways to Win the X factor but firstly you do need to have talent. As much as anyone tries to say that people on the show have no talent you only have to look at those who actually win to see that you do need a huge degree of talent to win the X Factor. So if you are even going to think about applying for the show then you need to know that you do sing good.

Remember, that the X Factor is a fair reflection of the music industry as a whole and you wont get a recording contract based just on a good voice alone. You need to have something a little bit special about your persona that will separate you from the rest of the competition. You need to find a way to stand out.

There are a few ways you could do this and the way many people like to do is by going for sympathy. In the early shows you will always people turning on the water works to try and get the sympathy vote from the viewers and the funny thing is that it works! The public love someone they can relate to and will feel more compelled to vote for you if they feel they can put some happiness into your life.

Another route many take which is slightly more dangerous is to be controversial. In some ways it can work well but if it doesn't work well then it can potentially blow up in your face. You could try and play up to the cameras and say some controversial things however do remember you are playing with fire and if the public take it the wrong way you could end up on the end of a hate campaign. However, there is a saying that "all publicity is good publicity" and this could work in your favour when you leave the show as people will remember you more.

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