Google Analytics is by far the best way to track your websites or blogs performance.Once you have your account set up you can track not only the visits and hits on your sites but also the actions visitors take and much more.

One of the seldom used features provided by Analytics is the 'Email Reports Option' that allows you to request the latest stats for your blog or website periodically by Email.This is a great feature that can keep you updated without the need to log in, the report also compresses the main and most important site stats in an easy to follow format.

Some of the extra options are:Google Analytics Logo

Send Report To Others - Have your report sent to team members and partners, for this option include a subject and description.

Report Format - You have the following options *PDF *XML *CSV *TSV *CSV for Excel, PDF is the standard option.

Report Schedule - You have the following options for how often you receive reports *Daily Sent Each Morning *Weekly sent each Monday *Monthly sent on the first of each month *Quarterly sent on the first day of each quarter

How To Activate Analytics Email Reports

The Steps

Step 1. Log Into Your Google Analytics account

Step 2. In your analytics dashboard choose the site you want email reports for using the drop down menu, if you track only one site you wont see this option.

Step 3. Above the word 'Dashboard' you can see the 'Export' and 'Email' buttons, select Email.

Step 4. Enter the Email addresses you want the reports to be sent to and enter the description and subject.If you only want the reports sent to your Email you can skip these steps.

Step 5. Click the Schedule tab and select how often you wish to receive reports.

Step 6. Fill the word verification form and click send.

You will now receive your Google Analytics reports by Email, the reports will include a PDF attachment.

I have found this very useful and time saving, Analytics almost provide too much information but my daily Email covers the main category's and stats in an easily digestible format.

Did you know your Analytics results are being inflated by you ? You can easily change this by following the simple steps to Block Your Visits From Being Tracked In Analytics Check it out.