The numbers of Cancer are disconcerting. It’s one of the top causes of death in most countries, and possibly in our own small local community we know of an individual who passed on of cancer or we know someone whose relative lost their battle with cancer. Here are a few tips to cope with the loss:

Visit a specialist. A few of your family members could be too attached to the dead loved on and find it tough to move on. If you see any worrying or troubling behavior changes - by way of example eating or sleeping habits and other changes, don’t be reluctant to have them examined by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. “A loss in the household is very hurtful and that could truly leave shock and the person that can only help is sometimes themselves, the other members of the family and buddies or professionals who can minimize the depression and suffering and point out to us that there is a process that we need to move through naturally” this is according to a psychologist in alternative treatments for breast cancer facility.

Keep pictures and items to remind you of them when they were still not diagnosed.

While it’s terrible to view their photos, showing them in their happy or healthy state can alleviate the anguish of seeing them. This reminds your family of their existence, not their passing away from life. Based on a breast cancer alternative treatment expert, “We are all aware that Cancer can weaken a person in a small period of time and could impact our physical, mental and emotional appearance”.

Be involved in family activities to keep family members away from contemplating about the lossThere are a lot of family activities which you can take part in - why don't you take pleasure in the water? Trekking, Camping, out of town or out of the country retreat, to help remind us that there are more things in life to relish and to thank for rather than to mourn or grieve. But if you are within a strict budget as a result of hospital bills, just make sure that all family members have plenty of time for their family specifically on the weekends and holiday seasons.

Always voice out whatever you feel for each member of the family. It's always good to know that each one is taken care of and family is always there when you need them. Above that, words are one way to inform them just how you feel while they are still alive.